Author: Scott Ryer

6 Tips to Perfect Your Gravity Forms Datepicker

Supercharge the Gravity Forms Datepicker with linked fields, improved mobile experience, and more!

Automatic Save and Continue with Gravity Forms

Automatically save users’ data as they progress through a form and automatically repopulate that data when they return.

Show Login Link for Existing Users with Gravity Forms User Registration

Automatically show a login link when a user attempts to register with an existing email.

How to Send a Follow-Up and Pre-Fill Information

Stay in touch with your users and make it easier for them to complete follow-up forms by pre-filling the information you’ve already collected from them.

How to Update Posts with Gravity Forms

Populate and update WordPress posts with Gravity Forms’ entries.

Show Active Forms by Default on Form List

Set the form list filter to active forms by default.

Gravity Forms Spam Notification

Send email notifications when an entry is marked as spam by Akismet.

Gravity Forms Progress Meter

Incentivize your audience with a progress meter that tracks how close each submission gets you towards your goal.

Gravity Forms Advanced Conditional Shortcode

Display conditional Gravity Forms content anywhere shortcodes are supported with multiple conditions.

Creating Coupons for Easy Digital Downloads with Gravity Forms

Create coupons for Easy Digital Downloads dynamically from Gravity Forms submissions.

How to Populate WooCommerce Order Data into Gravity Forms

Build a form for your customers to easily contact you regarding products they have ordered.

Time Sensitive Choices with Gravity Forms

Automatically filter times in a choice-based field based on the current time.

Top 10 Time-saving Tools for Gravity Forms Admins

Stop wasting time and become a Gravity Forms power user with these top-notch admin tools.

How To Build a Company Directory with GravityView

Make a form for employees to easily add and edit personal profiles. Build a View to display those profiles on the front end.

Calculations with Nested Forms

Perform helpful calculations based on entries submitted in a Nested Form field.