Author: Jordan Smith

Creating Coupons for GF Coupons Add-on with Gravity Forms

Dynamically create coupon codes for Gravity Forms which can be provided to the user for use on a subsequent form.

Rename Uploaded Files For Gravity Forms

Rename uploaded files for Gravity Forms. You can create a static naming template or using merge tags to base names on user input.

Disable Autocomplete for Gravity Forms

Disable autocomplete for your Gravity Forms with this copy-and-paste snippet.

Assign A User Role Based On Email Domain With Gravity Forms

Use multiple User Registration feeds to assign different user roles based on the submitted email domain.

Shortcode: Display Number of Entries Submitted

Extends the [gravityforms] shortcode, providing a custom action to retrieve the total entry count for a given form. Also supports retrieving entry counts by entry status (i.e. “trash”, “spam”, “unread”, “starred”).

gravity forms auto populate date

How to Populate and Modify Dates and Times with Gravity Forms

Populate a Date or Time field with a modified value based on the current date/time or a user-submitted date/time.

Disable HTML5 Validation on Gravity Forms

An easy way to disable HTML5 validation on your Gravity Forms.

Use Gravity Forms Merge Tags in Your Post Content

Adds support for Gravity Form merge tags in your post content enabling the use of a single confirmation page for multiple forms, more control over the styling and layout of your confirmation pages, and persistent confirmation pages.

Require Minimum/Maximum Character Limit for Gravity Forms

Adds support for requiring a minimum and maximum number of characters for text-based Gravity Form fields.