Gravity Wiz Weekly 235

Hot weather calls for hot features! Bulk rescheduling with Notification Scheduler, select all for multi-select fields, and how to build a Gravity-Forms-powered customer messaging system.

brightleaf spotlight cover photo with gil

Spotlight: How to Build a Customer Messaging Platform using Gravity Forms

BrightLeaf Consulting had an aha moment about client communications: Gravity Forms can be used to create a complete one-on-one messaging system.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 234

Enhance your chained selects, courtesy of a community wizard. Plus, GP Email Users can now send attachments, auto-mapping with GP Google Sheets, and plenty more.

New Release: GP Google Sheets 1.2

Automatically map your Google Sheets’ columns to fields with the click of a button.

GP Google Sheets is Leaving Gravity Perks

But it’s not too late to lock this “perk” into your suite forever!1

How to Require Camera Use For Uploads in Gravity Forms

Learn how to ensure form users are uploading fresh images taken directly from their camera — like with food or parcel delivery confirmations.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 233

Compare Date fields with Conditional Logic Dates, view uploaded files with Preview Submission, block out date ranges in Gravity Forms, and more spicy highlights.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 232

WordCamp Europe recap? Check. Rotate your photos with File Upload Pro? Check. Default sorting with Populate Anything? ✅ Conditional Logic for Feed Forge? Check!

Gravity Wiz Weekly 231

Check out our new YouTube series on Datepickers! Plus, Randomizer 2.0 (and how we used it to build a quiz), and watch a Feed Forge demo from a WordPress legend.

How We Built a Randomized Quiz with Gravity Forms

Using GP Randomizer, we created an engaging onboarding quiz that ensures each new hire thoroughly understands the material.

randomizer blog release cover

New: Gravity Forms Randomizer 2.0

Now with support for field randomization.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 230

Explore Multi-Page Navigation with us. Plus, fire up the Feed Forge (again), Field to Field Conditional Logic, and other hot spells.

gasol foundation advanced calculations

Spotlight: Gasol Foundation Incentivizes Donations with a Tax Break Calculator

See how Jordi Anglada built a tax break calculator to encourage donations for The Gasol Foundation, without knowing how to code.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 229

Populate Anything 2.1 🤝 React, support for GPT-4o with Gravity Forms OpenAI, watch our live workshop on Populate Anything, and more!

New Release: Populate Anything 2.1

Populate Anything 2.1 is here and you should be excited! But you probably won’t be… yet. 🤔 This release isn’t shiny but it paves the …