stoplookgo spotlight cover

Spotlight: Stop Look Go Simplifies Agency Compliance with Populate Anything

See how Stop Look Go Privacy helps agencies navigate a storm of data compliance with the help of Populate Anything.

workshop x cover

Workshop X: Populate Anything

Ready for the ultimate Populate Anything lesson? Class is in session!

Gravity Wiz Weekly 226

This week, we shift focus to some of the exciting things wizards in our thriving developer ecosystem are building.

feed forge release cover

Introducing Gravity Forms Feed Forge

Feed Forge makes it easier than ever to process feeds on existing Gravity Forms entries to do things like send form submissions to a spreadsheet, or turn them into new users.

Gravity Forms Feed Forge

Bulk process feeds for existing Gravity Forms entries with support for almost all feed-based add-ons.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 225

900 snippets! Plus, show addresses in specific languages, auto attach PDFs to Parent Notifications, and see responses to last week’s question, “what do you want in a Notion integration?”

Michelle Marin's Gravity Forms powered Customer Reporting Portal

Michelle Marin’s Marvelous Gravity-Forms-powered Customer Portal’s customer portal provides an automated platform for project feedback, customer correspondence & collaboration, and helped her ditch the dreaded email chains entirely.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 224

What do you want in a Notion integration? Plus, usability enhancements for Entry Blocks, Nested Forms + Easy Passthrough, Complex (Google) Sheets, and more.

gravity wiz weekly issue 223 cover

Gravity Wiz Weekly 223

Watch a recording of our 9th workshop! Plus, get a peak at our roadmap, create coupons on form submission, and we’re hiring.

richard best entry blocks spotlight cover photo

Spotlight: Building a Self-managed Lawyer Directory using Entry Blocks

Richard Best built a women’s lawyer directory that allows lawyers to build profiles and edit them from the front end. We explore how it works.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 222 Cover image

Gravity Wiz Weekly 222

Join us April 11th for a workshop on Entry Blocks! Plus, Block IP ranges with Blocklist, use fewer words with Pay Per Word, add a current time button, and other tasty highlights.

workshop ix entry blocks cover

Workshop IX: Unlock Entry Blocks

Join us April 11th at 1PM EST for a deep dive on Gravity Forms Entry Blocks, The Entries Loop, and an open Q&A.

gravity wiz weekly 221 cover

Gravity Wiz Weekly 221

We’ve gained four new wizards! Plus, Entry Blocks Beta 1, Gravity PDF + Nested Forms, Round Robin + GP Inventory, and more.

gpeb beta 1 cover release

Entry Blocks Beta 1 is here!

Display and edit Gravity Forms data on the front end. Now, with a fresh take on The Entries Loop — giving you sorcerous power while displaying entry data.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 220

Better inline confirmations, Advanced Select + Gravity Flow, conditional logic for Checkbox inventory, filtering by Date Drop Down fields, and other tasty treats.