How to Require Camera Use For Uploads in Gravity Forms

Learn how to ensure form users are uploading fresh images taken directly from their camera — like with food or parcel delivery confirmations.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and in the realm of verification, this rings truer than ever. When image editing is just a few taps away, a little enchantment to encourage users to snap fresh pictures can be incredibly useful. 🪄

Harnessing JavaScript wizardry, GP File Upload Pro can require use of a mobile device’s camera, enabling users to take and upload photos directly through Gravity Forms!

This article requires the GP File Upload Pro perk.

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A Bit About File Upload Pro

File Upload Pro levels up existing File Upload fields on Gravity Forms. It streamlines the file upload process, making it more efficient and user-friendly for both form builders and end users.

Out-of-the-box features include:

  • Real-time upload validation.
  • Automatic image optimization.
  • Powerful cropping tools, including a circular cropping stencil.
  • Image previews and file icons for non-image files.
  • Limits for file count and size.
  • Improved UX.
  • File sorting.
  • Drag-and-drop upload.

To use File Upload Pro, go to your Gravity Perks library (or, get started with File Upload Pro here). After installing and activating it, click Enable File Upload Pro in the Perks tab of any File Upload field in your forms.

File Upload field settings with File Upload Pro enabled.

A Sorcerous Snippet…

To make File Upload Pro require use of the camera on mobile devices, we’ll utilize the Require Camera for Uploads JavaScript snippet from our Snippet Library

With this snippet, File Upload Pro will prompt the camera to open when a user clicks to upload a picture on a mobile device, letting them take a snapshot right then and there! 📸Plus, it won’t affect the File Upload Pro field on desktop, where users will still be able to upload files as usual.

You might have seen similar functionality in apps asking to verify your identity, but it can verify much more than just your face!

For example, let’s imagine you have a car rental business. For everyone’s convenience, you would like to offer self-checkout for your customers.

During this particular checkout process, there are some things that need to be documented with pictures:

  • State of the outside of the car (front, rear, sides).
  • State of the inside of the car (cabin, trunk).
  • Gas and mileage.
  • Where it was parked.

You can create a self-checkout form that allows your customers to take those pictures themselves. Practical!

Take note: This requirement can be bypassed by a crafty user. For critical applications, complement this snippet with additional server-side validation.

Setting It Up

Setting up the camera requirement in Gravity Forms is quite simple! With the help of our Code Chest, it will be faster than you can say “Quidditch.”

You can find Code Chest’s download and installation process here. (It’s free!)

Once the Code Chest is installed and activated, it will be under your form’s settings. Paste the following snippet in the JavaScript field. Then, press “Save Settings,” and it’s done!

 * Gravity Perks // File Upload Pro // Require Camera for Uploads
 * Want to ensure that the user is uploaded a fresh image taken directly from their camera?
 * This snippet will force use of the camera and prevent selecting an existing image on
 * mobile devices.
 * Instructions:
 * 1. Install this snippet with our free Custom JavaScript plugin.
gform.addAction( 'gpfup_uploader_ready', function( gpfup ) {
	gpfup.Uploader.bind( 'PostInit', function() {
		$( gpfup.$field ).find( 'input[type="file"]' ).attr( 'capture', 'camera' );
	}, gpfup );
} );
"Require Camera Use for Uploads" snippet in GF Code Chest.

Now, all File Upload Pro enabled fields in this form will open the camera instead of the file selector. How cool is that?


You can customize the “Select File” text for these fields using this JS snippet. I suggest something like “Take a picture” to help communicate to the user that their camera will open.
Or maybe… Say Cheese!

requiring camera use for file uploads taking a photo of cheese

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