Category: Releases

randomizer blog release cover

New: Gravity Forms Randomizer 2.0

Now with support for field randomization.

feed forge release cover

Introducing Gravity Forms Feed Forge

Feed Forge makes it easier than ever to process feeds on existing Gravity Forms entries to do things like send form submissions to a spreadsheet, or turn them into new users.

gpeb beta 1 cover release

Entry Blocks Beta 1 is here!

Display and edit Gravity Forms data on the front end. Now, with a fresh take on The Entries Loop — giving you sorcerous power while displaying entry data.

New: Gravity Forms Code Chest

New free plugin alert! Learn how Code Chest can save you time when applying form-specific tweaks in Gravity Forms.

conditional pricing 2.0 release creative

Introducing GP Conditional Pricing 2.0

Variable pricing in Gravity Forms just got easier. 2.0 packs a fresh interface, one-click exporting, and powerful importing functionality.

New: Gravity Shop Product Configurator Beta 2

Cart editing is here. Plus, simpler quantity tracking, a tighter GP Inventory integration, and more.

advanced select 1.1 summary release

New: Gravity Forms Advanced Select 1.1

Gravity Forms Advanced Select heeds your calls for more flexible and performant select fields. Version 1.1 puts extensibility front and center.

google sheets 1.0 release creative

New: Gravity Forms Google Sheets 1.0

The most robust solution for sending Gravity Forms data to (and from!) Google Sheets, now with improved speed, stability, and total authentication clarity.

Introducing Advanced Select 1.0

1.0 comes with more granular control, support for Gravity Forms’ Theme Framework, new field types, and more.

Introducing Gravity Shop Product Configurator

A new product line, our first product, and a one-week discount to celebrate the occasion. Say hello to Gravity Shop Product Configurator — and customizable WooCommerce products powered by Gravity Forms!

advanced select release creative

Introducing Gravity Forms Advanced Select

Our 47th perk makes Gravity Forms Drop Down and Multi Select fields beautiful, flexible, searchable, and performant when dynamically populating massive datasets.

Introducing Google Sheets Beta 2

Send Gravity Forms data to and from Google Sheets. Secure authentication in a few clicks. Specify Sheets. Integrate with Gravity Flow. Retry API calls automatically.

populate anything 2.0 release creative

Introducing Gravity Forms Populate Anything 2.0

Populate Anything 2.0 is a powerhouse when working with large quantities of dynamic data. But it does this with a helping hand from our next release: GP Advanced Select.

Introducing Gravity Forms OpenAI Beta 1 featuring GPT 3.5 Turbo

A week after OpenAI released access to ChatGPT’s API, we’ve incorporated it into our free plugin. Beta 1 is 10x cheaper, more stable, and faster than ever before.

advanced save and continue for gravity forms

Our 46th perk is here. Say hello to Advanced Save & Continue.

Auto-save everything as you go, manage multiple drafts, allow auto-saving for any website visitor, and more — wrapped into one bangin’ UI.