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Gravity Wiz Weekly 224

What do you want in a Notion integration? Plus, usability enhancements for Entry Blocks, Nested Forms + Easy Passthrough, Complex (Google) Sheets, and more.

gravity wiz weekly issue 223 cover

Gravity Wiz Weekly 223

Watch a recording of our 9th workshop! Plus, get a peak at our roadmap, create coupons on form submission, and we’re hiring.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 222 Cover image

Gravity Wiz Weekly 222

Join us April 11th for a workshop on Entry Blocks! Plus, Block IP ranges with Blocklist, use fewer words with Pay Per Word, add a current time button, and other tasty highlights.

gravity wiz weekly 221 cover

Gravity Wiz Weekly 221

We’ve gained four new wizards! Plus, Entry Blocks Beta 1, Gravity PDF + Nested Forms, Round Robin + GP Inventory, and more.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 220

Better inline confirmations, Advanced Select + Gravity Flow, conditional logic for Checkbox inventory, filtering by Date Drop Down fields, and other tasty treats.

cover photo for gravity wiz weekly issue 219

Gravity Wiz Weekly 219

Your weekly dose of Gravity Forms sorcery is here. Founders retreat, wizard-level site searching, editing pricing fields with Entry Blocks, Gravity PDF integrations, and plenty more.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 218

Improved cart editing for Product Configurator, recurring schedules with Notification Scheduler, optimizing user journeys with Multi-page Navigation, and more!

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 217

Explore or new website with us! This one’s a decade in the making. Plus, new blocks for Entry Blocks and custom choice labels with Advanced Select.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 216

We want your feedback on Gravity Wiz Weekly! Plus, reorder feeds with GP Google Sheets, mentions of the magical variety, prevent duplicate selections, and more.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 215

Conditional Pricing 2.0 is here! Plus, Populate Anything and Gravity Flow integrations, use cases for GP Google Sheets, filter terms by depth, and plenty more.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 214

A commitment to compatibility. New free plugins. Hot takes. Sleeper updates. And Product Configurator Beta 2.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 213

Updates to Populate Anything, Nested Forms, eCommerce Fields, and more. Plus, learn how to create dynamic, customizable quoting forms!

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 212

Gravity Forms 2.8: Compact View is here! Plus, upgrades to GP Inventory, send partial entries to Google Sheets, and more end of year goodies.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 211

Another list of instances where we get carried away creating awesome snippets for customers. 😅 Plus, updates to Google Sheets, Live Preview, coupon code generators, and more.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 210

Partial entries for Entry Blocks. GPT-4 Turbo. Raffle winners. Set readonly on edit. Clear searches after selection. And so. much. more!