Category: Plugins

Gravity Forms Feed Forge

Bulk process feeds for existing Gravity Forms entries with support for almost all feed-based add-ons.

Gravity Forms Code Chest

Implement and organize form-specific styles and scripts for simple, portable customizations.

Gravity Forms OpenAI

Use Gravity Forms submission data to interact with OpenAI – the leading provider of cutting-edge AI language models. Supports gpt-3.5-turbo and gpt-4.

Gravity Forms Dashboard Widget Controls

Clean up your Gravity Forms Dashboard Widget by customizing which forms you see.

Append and Prepend Values to Gravity Forms Merge Tags

Append and prepend values to Gravity Forms merge tags anywhere that they are supported. Customize how your forms display information dynamically.

gravity forms conditional date tags

Display Captured Dates in Any Format with Gravity Forms

Capture a date in one format (like 10/10/2021) and display it another (like October, 10th 2021).

gravity forms with google sheets

Populate Gravity Forms with Google Sheets

Magically enhance your forms with dynamic field choices and values loaded directly from Google Sheets.

Automatic Save and Continue with Gravity Forms

Automatically save users’ data as they progress through a form and automatically repopulate that data when they return.

Show Active Forms by Default on Form List

Set the form list filter to active forms by default.

Gravity Forms Spam Notification

Send email notifications when an entry is marked as spam by Akismet.

Gravity Forms Progress Meter

Incentivize your audience with a progress meter that tracks how close each submission gets you towards your goal.

Gravity Forms Advanced Conditional Shortcode

Display conditional Gravity Forms content anywhere shortcodes are supported with multiple conditions.

Cache Busting with Gravity Forms

Bypass WordPress caching plugins to ensure valid submissions.

Gravity Forms Daily Form Schedule

A simple plugin to apply a daily schedule to your Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms Custom Javascript

Easily add custom JavaScript to your Gravity Forms that loads in the appropriate context and doesn’t interfere with other AJAX-enabled forms.