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Michelle Marin Spotlight Cover Image

Spotlight: Sales Automation with Notification Scheduler

See how Michelle Marin uses Gravity Forms Notification Scheduler to personalize and automate pre-sales for her agency.

Spotlight: Creating Dynamic, Customizable Quoting Forms with Jennifer Erdman

We explore how Jennifer Erdman built a quote calculator — based on highly customizable product offerings — step by step.


Spotlight: How Gravity Forms OpenAI is Helping Animals Find Fur-ever Homes

See how Derek Knox of Animal Rescue Cooperative (ARC) built a tool with Gravity Forms OpenAI that writes adoption letters for volunteers, leading to enormously paws-itive outcomes.

sarching through the world's music with gravity forms advanced select

AlbumBlitz: Searching Through the World’s Music with Advanced Select

Elle Dulaney is cataloging the world’s music in one place. With 40,000 albums already, she turned to Advanced Select to make them searchable.

entry blocks for managing conference attendees

Spotlight: Entry Blocks for Conference Attendee Management at Scale

See how Henry Vandermeir used Entry Blocks to create a backend attendee management system for a Las Vegas conference of 500+ attendees.

populate anything remanufacturing spotlight testimonial

Spotlight: Automating Membership Registration with Populate Anything

We spoke with Michelle Hayes of Remanufacturing Industries Council about how she uses Gravity Forms Populate Anything to automate new user registrations.

scoped inventory for simplifying complex booking forms

Spotlight: Scoped Inventory for Simplifying Complex Booking Forms

Two booking forms, separate pricing on each, and date specific pricing on each. See how Kory Richardson made this a cakewalk — and sync’d it all to one external calendar — using Gravity Forms Inventory.

prompt finessing with openai and storybooker ai

Spotlight: Prompt finessing with GF OpenAI and Storybooker.AI

Storybooker.AI is using the Gravity Forms OpenAI plugin to great effect, with relatively simple prompting. So we had to investigate.

chris odell's gravity forms referral and rewards program

Spotlight: Populate Anything & Unique ID for Automated Referral Programs

Power tip! Chris Odell built an automated referral and rewards program with the help of Populate Anything and Unique ID. We explore how it works, step by step.

wordtap populate anything spotlight

Spotlight: Gamifying Language Learning with WordTap and Populate Anything

See how WordTap uses Gravity Forms Populate Anything to help customers create and share games that make learning new languages… fun!?

auto classmate io's ai powered teaching toolkit

Spotlight: Auto Classmate’s AI Powered Teaching Tools

See how a web dev turned 8th grade teacher is using Gravity Forms OpenAI to make his lessons more enjoyable and dynamic.

Spotlight: Building an internal payroll tool using Gravity Forms Entry Blocks

See how Desol Int. built an internal payroll tool from scratch in WordPress using Gravity Forms and Entry Blocks.

Spotlight: One Perk for 25,000 Pricing Levels with WP4Geeks

Learn how one concierge service uses Conditional Pricing to accommodate 25,000 pricing levels for their booking form.

Unlocking Gravity Forms Conditional Pricing’s Secret Features with

See how one customer used a secret bulk importer feature in GP Conditional Pricing to create one product with 960 price points and save dozens of hours in the process.

Spotlight: Gravity Forms Media Library 🤝 Advanced Custom Fields

See how James Turpin is using Gravity Forms Media Library to automatically move files uploaded through Gravity Forms to Advanced Custom Fields.