Category: Spotlights

Maatwerk Online’s Magic Portal: agency automates customer reporting and streamlines collaboration through their own customer portal

See how one agency created a customer portal that serves as an internal collaboration tool and a client reporting portal using Gravity Perks.

Spotlight: Creating Booking Platforms for Car Rentals (and Alaskan Adventures)

Northwest Media needed a comprehensive booking platform for car rentals similar in style to Airbnb. See how they did it with Gravity Forms and Gravity Perks.

Behind The Scenes: Gravity Perks for eSports

In this customer spotlight, we look at how United States eSports Academy is connecting gamers with pro coaches using Gravity Perks.

Spotlight: Address Autocomplete and a quest to end loneliness 🫂 is on a mission to end loneliness. Learn about how they display their community events in interactive maps using Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete.

Spotlight: How to Create Automated Customer Feedback Surveys… Without Any Code

See how Brian Masck created a 100% automated feedback system for an artisan bakery, without writing a single line of code.