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wordtap populate anything spotlight

Spotlight: Gamifying Language Learning with WordTap and Populate Anything

See how WordTap uses Gravity Forms Populate Anything to help customers create and share games that make learning new languages… fun!?

auto classmate io's ai powered teaching toolkit

Spotlight: Auto Classmate’s AI Powered Teaching Tools

See how a web dev turned 8th grade teacher is using Gravity Forms OpenAI to make his lessons more enjoyable and dynamic.

Spotlight: Building an internal payroll tool using Gravity Forms Entry Blocks

See how Desol Int. built an internal payroll tool from scratch in WordPress using Gravity Forms and Entry Blocks.

Spotlight: One Perk for 25,000 Pricing Levels with WP4Geeks

Learn how one concierge service uses Conditional Pricing to accommodate 25,000 pricing levels for their booking form.

Unlocking Gravity Forms Conditional Pricing’s Secret Features with

See how one customer used a secret bulk importer feature in GP Conditional Pricing to create one product with 960 price points and save dozens of hours in the process.

Spotlight: Gravity Forms Media Library 🤝 Advanced Custom Fields

See how James Turpin is using Gravity Forms Media Library to automatically move files uploaded through Gravity Forms to Advanced Custom Fields.

How ANM Powers Internal Finances with GP Unique ID

See how Christopher Bortz used Gravity Forms and GP Unique ID to build an internal tool for handling his team’s finances.

How uses GP Inventory to manage over one thousand parties a year

Imagine hosting over one thousand parties a year and trying to create a system to manage reservations efficiently. Farbie’s solution? GP Inventory.

Spotlight: Building a Loan Calculator with GP Advanced Calculations

See how James Roberts built a loan calculator for an auto-financing company using GP Advanced Calculations.

Spam Getting You Down? Perk Up 🧙‍♂️

Have you seen an increase in spam on your websites lately? James Turpin has. He fills us in on how he put an end to it.

Spotlight: Netalys’ Salt Consumption Calculator

A behind-the-scenes look at how Netalys built a daily salt consumption calculator using Nested Forms and Populate Anything.

verify9 populate anything

Populate Anything’s Automation Alchemy

See how Verifyi9 uses Populate Anything and Google Sheets to automate dozens of emails on a daily basis.

Verifyi9: Scaling Through Automation with Gravity Perks

For some time, Bob Griggs managed Verifyi9 as a one-man band. See how he enabled automation through Gravity Perks to save time, and how this coincided with explosive growth.

The Potent Potion Behind ZeeDesign’s Insurance Quoting Platform

Learn how you can build a quoting platform from scratch — and one that easily handles multiple checkout items using Gravity Perks.

Spotlight: Two-Way Booking Forms with Cloak & Dagger Tattoo

See how Cloak & Dagger Tattoo uses Nested Forms and Populate Anything to create a two-way booking form that updates availability in real time.