Spotlight: Gravity Forms Media Library 🤝 Advanced Custom Fields

See how James Turpin is using Gravity Forms Media Library to automatically move files uploaded through Gravity Forms to Advanced Custom Fields.

This week’s use case shows us how easy it is to move files uploaded through Gravity Forms to Advanced Custom Fields — and how much time can be saved as a result.

ACF is a great open source solution for customizing your WordPress editor and how you handle custom data. Our customers have created amazing things with Gravity Perks and ACF over the years, and while we’ve seen many custom connections with ACF and our perks, Gravity Forms Media Library is one of the few that boasts an official, supported integration.

Through a direct integration with ACF, users can move uploaded files from Gravity Forms into Advanced Custom Fields they’ve created. 

James Turpin, a senior web developer at Graphix Works, recently put this integration to the test as part of a client implementation. 

“I was working on a big member database project where those Members needed to submit media files via forms, from within a secure login. I was using a Gravity Forms hook to modify the directory where the uploaded media files were stored, however, after submission of the form I also wanted to run some code in a gform_after_submission Action to add the uploaded files to the Member’s (i.e. a User within WordPress) profile.

This is where the Gravity Wiz Perk “GP Media Library” came in and saved me a bunch of time during development. It allowed me to take the media files from my form, upload them to the Media Library and then pass those files to an ACF Repeater on the Member’s Profile. I also used “GP eCommerce Fields” to assist with handling taxation on dozens of payment forms on this same website, which worked out perfectly.”

James uses GP Media Library to move files uploaded on his Gravity Forms straight into the WordPress Media Library, where an attachment ID is returned, which can easily be passed to ACF for storage within a File field (this integration can also utilize ACF’s Image field). To help keep things tidy, GP Media Library will also automatically delete any other files created as part of the process. 

Want to map uploaded images to Advanced Custom Fields using the Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation add-on? Start here.

“I’ve been a Pro customer of Gravity Perks for a while now and their support has been nothing but top notch. Web developers deal with all sorts of support teams for hosting, 3rd party services, software & ISPs; so as a web developer of ~15 years, I’m not quick to give a glowing recommendation on customer support. Gravity Wiz stands behind their Perks and puts in the effort to understand the problem you’re having and does everything they can to assist with that.”

Side note. We love how James stumbled across this solution.

“Since we already have a Gravity Perks Pro license, it’s become a habit of mine whenever I reach the limits of what Gravity Forms can do, to scroll through the available Perks to see if any match my use case.”

Has this ever worked for you? We’d love to hear!

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