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How to Set a Featured Image and Add to ACF Gallery From The Same Field

Simplify your forms by using a single Multi-file Upload field to set the featured image and populate a gallery for a generated post.

Spotlight: Gravity Forms Media Library 🤝 Advanced Custom Fields

See how James Turpin is using Gravity Forms Media Library to automatically move files uploaded through Gravity Forms to Advanced Custom Fields.

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Gravity Wiz Weekly 136

Our Valentine’s Day gift to you. Media Library optimization tools, limit and display word count in Post Excerpts, time-sensitive choices, and other sweet treats.

How To Build a Company Directory with GravityView

Make a form for employees to easily add and edit personal profiles. Build a View to display those profiles on the front end.

Uploading Files to Advanced Custom Fields Using the Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Add-On

In this simple tutorial, we will show you how to map uploaded files or images to an Advanced Custom Field using the Gravity Forms Advanced …

How to Create WooCommerce Products with Gravity Forms

Easily create new WooCommerce Products with Gravity Forms entries so users can submit new products on the front end.

Add Image Previews to Gravity Forms File Upload Fields

Learn how to add image previews to file upload fields when using GP File Upload Pro.

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Optimize and Offload Uploaded Files with Gravity Forms

Automatically optimize images and offload files uploaded through Gravity Forms.

How to Upload Files & Images from Gravity Forms to Advanced Custom Fields

GP Media Library enhances Gravity Forms to allow automatically importing files and images to the WordPress Media Library when you submit the form. In this …