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Our Valentine’s Day gift to you. Media Library optimization tools, limit and display word count in Post Excerpts, time-sensitive choices, and other sweet treats.

gravity wiz weekly

Greetings, wizards!

We just celebrated Valentine’s Day here in the States. As I pondered upon all the things I love most, my first thought was crafting new Gravity Forms resources for you all. 

I mean, my wife. Yes, my lovely wife! And then crafting new Gravity Forms resources for all of you. 🤗

Let’s explore where our hearts led us this week. ❤️

Optimize Your Media Library

Anytime you upload an image to WordPress’ Media Library, it generates a copy of that image for each registered size. 

This is generally super helpful as it allows you to serve the right size in the right context; however, if you have a ton of image sizes, it can take up quite a bit of space on your server. 

This week, we added a filter to GP Media Library that allows you to generate only the sizes you need for images uploaded via Gravity Forms. Check out these simple examples that demonstrate just how easy it is to save a ton of space on your server.

gp media library optimize

Looking for even more ways to improve your WordPress image handling? Learn how File Upload Pro can optimize images before they’re even uploaded to your server, then go full-wizard and offload your images to a file hosting service like Amazon S3.

Limit & Display Word Counts for Post Excerpts

Gravity Forms supports limiting by character count out of the box. If you need to limit by word count, just reach for your Gravity Perks toolbelt and select your trusty Word Count perk.

Gravity Forms Word Count v1.6 brings support for limiting how many words can be entered in your Post Excerpt fields. Guide your users to provide post excerpts of the perfect length!

limit and display word counts for post excerpts

Want to create dynamic Post Excerpts in Gravity Forms? We have a free snippet that lets you create your own content template for the Post Excerpt of any post created by a Gravity Form.

Reminder: Gravity Forms 2.6 is Coming Soon!

A few weeks ago, we shared our excitement about the release of the first beta for Gravity Forms 2.6. The ability to save forms via AJAX and manage the submit button in the editor are going to be huge time-savers when building new forms!

The release candidate is out now, which means the official release is just around the corner.  Gravity Perks is already fully compatible with this major release so we encourage you to start testing per the Gravity Forms team’s instructions.

How it works: The Eden Centre’s Sorcerous Multi-Venue Booking Platform

spotlight: eden centre's multi venue booking platform

There are a lot of minor gotchas involved in setting up a booking platform for a play center that facilitates kids running wild and having the time of their lives.

Complexities like pricing tiers for different age groups, booking adults (parents or friends), dynamically offering additional events (coming on a Saturday? Join our live dance!), scheduling groups, and all the while creating a form UX that is seamless for the end-user.

Friendly wizard Kristian Mock was tasked with setting this up for The Eden Centre. With limited out-of-the-box solutions to accommodate a setup like this, it looks like the kind of job that would require custom code.

Behold — Kristian has built something magical, and used seventeen perks to get the job done. And he makes it look like child’s play.

Regardless of your industry, if you wanted to create custom booking forms with all the bells and whistles, this spotlight will show you how to do exactly that.

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Time-sensitive Choices for Gravity Forms — Disable time-based choices based on the current time. Link with a Date field to only disable past times when the current date is selected. Pair with Gravity Forms Inventory to limit how many times each time slot can be chosen.

time sensitive choices for gravity forms

Create Entries from List Field Rows — Create a new entry on submission for each row of a List field.

Merlin is creating a form for the Knights of the Round to register their contacts (armorers, weaponsmiths, damsels). He wants each contact to exist as a separate entry on the form, but he doesn’t want the knights to have to submit the form multiple times (they’re not great with technology). 

So, Merlin uses a List field to collect the name and email of each of the knights’ contacts and then activates this sorcerous snippet to create a new entry on the same form for each contact. Too easy! Looking for more functionality like this? Check out Nested Forms.

Drop Downs for your Time Fields — Faster, more accurate, and less mental load. That’s the pitch for using dropdowns instead of inputs for your Time fields. Your users are less likely to make a mistake when selecting an option than typing a value. Giving them fewer options lets them more easily ballpark the correct time requiring less thought to complete the form. And completed forms are always a win!

Gravity Perks

GP Conditional Logic Dates (v1.2)

  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.
  • Updated default frontend behavior to use the server timezone rather than the visitor’s device timezone as the backend logic has always validated using the server timezone.
  • Fixed potential PHP notices if fields have been deleted.
  • Fixed incorrect timezone conversion when using the gpcld_enable_utc_timezone JavaScript filter.

GP Easy Passthrough (v1.9.10)

  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.
  • Fixed issue where fatal error was generated when source entry did not exist.
  • Fixed notice when fetching parent entry from token to check for edit permission.

GP File Upload Pro (v1.2.4)

  • Fixed issue where images would not be output into PDFs generated by Gravity PDF if the extensions were not all lowercase.

GP Inventory (v1.0-beta-2.1)

  • Added support for using multiple quantity fields on the same product field in a form.
  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.

GP Nested Forms (v1.0.6)

  • Added support for populating Paragraph fields with the Rich Text Editor enabled using {Parent} merge tags.
  • Improved compatibility with Gravity Flow User Input Step. The min/max number of child entries is now validated.
  • Improved compatibility with GP Read Only when using {Parent} merge tags.

GP Page Transitions (v1.0-beta-2.1)

  • Improved compatibility with GP Multi-page Navigation and its gpmpn_default_page filter.

GP Populate Anything (v1.2.1)

  • Fixed issue where zeroes would not be used as filter values in some situations like when a form fails validation and the form reloads.
  • Fixed issue with Live Merge Tags not being able to pull Time field or Date Dropdown values on initial load.
  • Fixed issue where Drop Downs with choices using LMTs were not parsed correctly causing issues when replacing the LMTs.

GP Preview Submission (v1.3.10)

  • Fixed PHP notice that could show if there are submitted File Upload fields without values.

GP Randomizer (v1.0.2)

  • Added support to randomize choices on WooCommerce product page

GP Word Count (v1.6)

  • Added support for Post Excerpt fields.
  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.

Alright, wizards. Until next week. 🧙🏻‍♂️

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