Spotlight: Auto Classmate’s AI Powered Teaching Tools

See how a web dev turned 8th grade teacher is using Gravity Forms OpenAI to make his lessons more enjoyable and dynamic.

auto classmate io's ai powered teaching toolkit

“Would you rather have to eat your food with a fork that is ten feet long or a spoon that is ten feet wide?”

Logan Greenhaw loves asking his students “would you rather” questions. And for good reason — they’re thought provoking, spark debate, and often a good laugh.

So much so, Logan built a tool for it. And it uses Gravity Forms OpenAI.

Using Gravity Forms fields, Logan provides parameters for things like learning level and tone (absurd, funny, intellectual) and then feeds these into a single prompt.

Create ten intentionally {What kind of \'Would You Rather' questions would you like?:26} 'would you rather' questions for {Grade Level:1} students about {Simply enter a topic you would like the AI generator to formulate \'Would You Rather' questions about...:29}. Include a blank line between each question.

Logan was one of the first to try our new beta, which includes support for GPT 3.5 Turbo and Gravity Flow, among other things.

Logan also makes use of Post Content Merge Tags and Populate Anything in the process of getting his AI-generated-magic into a response. Which might look like this:

gravity forms openai autoclassmate

Gravity Wiz has saved so many hours with this epic plugin! As a web designer turned 8th Grade English teacher, I was ecstatic to launch a side-business with the goal of helping educators use Artificial Intelligence to make their teaching strategies more meaningful and dynamic. This plugin offered a simple, fast, and robust solution to integrate a WordPress site with OpenAI. 

Utilizing Gravity Wiz’ extensive selection of perks (special shoutout to Post Content Merge Tags and Populate Anything’s Live Merge Tags), I continue to grow the selection of AI tools on each day. This plugin is a life-saver and I love that Gravity Wiz continues to add more features to the plugin regularly!

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