Spotlight: Gasol Foundation Incentivizes Donations with a Tax Break Calculator

See how Jordi Anglada built a tax break calculator to encourage donations for The Gasol Foundation, without knowing how to code.

gasol foundation advanced calculations

If you work for a nonprofit organization, you know how hard it can be to get consistent donations for your cause. You also likely know the value of of tax breaks as incentive to encourage contributions. 😏

The Gasol Foundation is on a mission to eradicate childhood obesity. They operate in Spain, which has some strong tax incentives when it comes to making donations.

gasol's donations home page

Jordi Anglada works with the Gasol Foundation and set out to develop a calculator that communicates how much tax donors can save based on their donation amount, with the thinking that by providing such a resource, people may be encouraged to donate on the spot.

The problem for Jordi was that he doesn’t have much coding experience. When researching ways to build this, Jordi noticed that many companies were paying big bucks to accomplish what he wanted to do. Then, he stumbled on Advanced Calculations.

The perk I used was Gravity Forms Advanced Calculations, which allowed me to generate automatic calculations within specific fields of Gravity Forms.

GP Advanced Calcluations lets you perform complex calculations, mathematical functions, conditionals (we just added support for trigonometry!), through a powerful formula editor. And it’s perfect for something like this.

The key point here is that knowing hardly anything about coding with the help of your support team, I was able to build a calculator from scratch.

Depending on the total donation amount and frequency, Jordi’s calculator will let donors know how much they’re saving and incentivize more donations. It calculates at light speed.

gasol's donation calculator

What makes Jordi’s solution exciting is that he was able to take on a large development project without coding experience and ended up with the perfect toolset for Gasol.

Supposedly, other high-level and much larger nonprofits hired a professional consultancy to make this integration happen. Thanks to this perk we reduced costs and time spent.

Thanks for sharing, Jordi! You can check out the calculator here — and feel encouraged to see how much you can save!

Jordi also shared some kind words about our wizards. 😄

From the very beginning, I received excellent assistance from Matt, Samuel, Sebastian, and Scott from the Gravity Wiz support team. ;)

They were always keen to help me and perfectly understood the needs of my organization. It is a pleasure working with them.

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