Spam Getting You Down? Perk Up πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

Have you seen an increase in spam on your websites lately? James Turpin has. He fills us in on how he put an end to it.

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Who’s in?


Okay, you get the idea. Spam is a pain. 

Like the rest of us, James Turpin is tired of spam. He’s a senior developer at Graphix Works, a full-service communications firm out of Ontario, Canada. He’s also been a Pro customer for some time and uses Gravity Perks across dozens of projects.

“Gravity Perks is my first stop before I even think of writing custom code for [Gravity Forms].”

During the pandemic, James told us he saw a massive increase in spam submissions across all of his Gravity Forms (on his own, and many client projects).

“…all of the usual fixes (CAPTCHAs, honeypots etc.) didn’t seem to do much to slow the tide of spam.”

It’s hard not to let spam get you down. Luckily, James was able to find a solution in GP Blocklist.

“The “GP Blocklist” Perk has been vital during this time and is now being installed on all of the websites we host and maintain, to block unwanted URLs from being submitted.”

Blocklist is a deceptively simple tool for blocking submissions by IP or submissions containing spammy or abusive language. 

A validation error is returned when any blocklisted word is found, preventing the submission from proceeding, and you can also reject submissions silently via a honeypot. A few weeks back, we added a feature to send spammy Gravity Forms submissions directly to spam! 🀫

James also had this to say about his experience with Gravity Wiz.

“I’ve been a Pro customer of Gravity Perks for a while now and their support has been nothing but top notch. Web developers deal with all sorts of support teams for hosting, 3rd party services, software & ISPs; so as a web developer of ~15 years, I’m not quick to give a glowing recommendation on customer support. Gravity Wiz stands behind their Perks and puts in the effort to understand the problem you’re having and does everything they can to assist with that.”

It’s time to take action! No more messages about underwater knitting. πŸ˜‚


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