Spotlight: Gamifying Language Learning with WordTap and Populate Anything

See how WordTap uses Gravity Forms Populate Anything to help customers create and share games that make learning new languages… fun!?

wordtap populate anything spotlight

WordTap is a free online game (and app) that makes learning new languages fun. Select your native language, the language you want to learn, and WordTap gamifies expanding your new vocabulary through tapping floating words.

The coolest part? You can create your own versions of WordTap and share them! Carolyn Knight, the developer behind the game, has made it super easy to add your own language, vocabulary, and categories, then publish your own version of the game to share with friends or a class.

While building WordTap, Carolyn ran into a little conundrum of the Gravity Forms & Gravity Forms Populate Anything variety:

  • She had two forms side by side on her game creation page, where Populate Anything was populating the inputs of one into the other.
  • The first was used to add new categories, and the second allowed you to select added categories to start adding vocabulary to your new category.
  • When a new category had been added to the first form, the page required a cumbersome refresh to have the category appear in the second form.

Carolyn reached out to us for a hand, and we were able to provide a quick snippet (as we do for Pro customers) to help get this to the finish line. With the snippet in place, when new categories are added, they populate instantly on all other forms on the page, no refresh needed.

Carolyn was so happy about the result she was willing to provide us with a video describing her experience (I know, right!?):

It’s stories like Carolyn’s that make our work so worthwhile here. Thank you Carolyn, for helping us out with this!

We’ll leave you with a few last words from the WordTap founder.

Not only are the perks great, but the support at Gravity Perks is AMAZING. I needed to improve the functionality of my website, and even though there wasn’t an out-of-the-box perk that could accomplish what I hoped for, [Gravity Wiz support] looked into my issue and came up with a solution that was easy to implement and worked perfectly. This kind of support is what anyone who runs a website needs, and I’m grateful (as are my customers!). Thank you for the great perks and the great support! 

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