How ANM Powers Internal Finances with GP Unique ID

See how Christopher Bortz used Gravity Forms and GP Unique ID to build an internal tool for handling his team’s finances.

Gravity Forms Unique ID can help bring order to your team’s finances.

Christopher Bortz, Director of all things cloud at Advancing Native Missions, used Gravity Forms to build an internal tool that handles everything from expense reimbursements to project disbursement requests.

Here’s an example of Christopher’s expense reimbursements:

unique id expense reimbursement requests

“We have several forms each with its own approval process. We put this in place at the beginning of the Pandemic and it has been very helpful for two years.”

Because Christopher’s team uses multiple forms, they decided it would be best to have a sequence number unique to each form type, rather than just the entry ID that increments across all forms.

“So the Gravity Wiz Unique ID plugin [provided] the capability for us. The only problem was that there were thousands of form [entries] that were already on the system.”

As luck would have it, we have a snippet for that. This bad boy allows you to retroactively populate Unique IDs on Gravity Forms submissions when using GP Unique ID. 🤠

However, Christopher wasn’t done yet. He had to go deeper.

Unlocking new Wizardry with Customized Snippets

Christopher loaded our snippet on one of his forms that has a few thousand submissions. He noticed it adds unique sequences (ex. CCCF-000001) starting at the most recently submitted form, to the oldest form. Christopher wanted the opposite, for the oldest submission to be the lowest on the sequence. So, like the Gravity Perks rockstar he is, Christopher went full-wizard, tapped into his own sorcery, and customized the snippet himself.

In addition, Christopher has forms with several thousand submissions, so he changed the page size in the get_entries call from 999 to 9999. Brilliant!

“The snippet as I tweaked it worked great and saved at least 20 man-hours that would have been required to manually set the unique sequential id of nearly 10,000 forms.”

Here’s ANM’s Project Transfers. See GP Unique ID in action under Submission ID, customized to be in ascending order as a result of Christopher’s magic touch.

unique id project transfers listing

We love seeing you guys bring new life to snippets. As a side note, all of our hundreds of Gravity Forms snippets are available on GitHub. We encourage everyone to mess around and see what you can do!

If you want to see Christopher’s code and implement this custom snippet yourself, just let us know. 🙂

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