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cover photo for gravity wiz weekly issue 219

Gravity Wiz Weekly 219

Your weekly dose of Gravity Forms sorcery is here. Founders retreat, wizard-level site searching, editing pricing fields with Entry Blocks, Gravity PDF integrations, and plenty more.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 212

Gravity Forms 2.8: Compact View is here! Plus, upgrades to GP Inventory, send partial entries to Google Sheets, and more end of year goodies.

chris odell's gravity forms referral and rewards program

Spotlight: Populate Anything & Unique ID for Automated Referral Programs

Power tip! Chris Odell built an automated referral and rewards program with the help of Populate Anything and Unique ID. We explore how it works, step by step.

how to build a simple job board using gravity forms

How to Build a Simple Job Board with Gravity Forms

Learn how to build a job board using Gravity Forms and more efficiently manage the application process, display and filter job listings, and customize applicant follow-up.

gravity forms raffle or lottery

How to Build a Raffle or Lottery Event using Gravity Forms

Learn how to build the perfect raffle, lottery, or prize-based system using Gravity Forms, with one winning ticket or multiple. Then, take it further with discounts, data exports, and more.

Creating Multiple IDs with Gravity Forms

Dynamically generate multiple IDs for Gravity forms, which can be displayed on the form or provided to the user.

How ANM Powers Internal Finances with GP Unique ID

See how Christopher Bortz used Gravity Forms and GP Unique ID to build an internal tool for handling his team’s finances.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 126

Populate Anything now works with Survey Fields, 20 reasons to love GF Unique ID, and a simple spell for conditionally displaying Nested Forms.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #117

Introducing: Address Autocomplete for Gravity Forms. Plus, GF Inventory will revolutionize how you manage your inventory.

How To Look Up Previous Entries with Gravity Forms

Populate values from previous Gravity Forms entries when a user inputs matching values from that entry.

How to Generate and Validate a Reference Number for Gravity Forms with GP Unique ID

Generate a reference number on Form A and require this reference number on Form B in order to submit the form.

Require an Existing Value for Submission with Gravity Forms

Ensure that a value entered in Form B has been previously submitted (or generated) on Form A. This is useful if you’re generating a reference number of some sort on Form A and would like the user to enter it on Form B.