Gravity Wiz Weekly 219

Your weekly dose of Gravity Forms sorcery is here. Founders retreat, wizard-level site searching, editing pricing fields with Entry Blocks, Gravity PDF integrations, and plenty more.

cover photo for gravity wiz weekly issue 219

Greetings, wizards! 

I took last week off from the weekly for what is becoming an annual partner’s trip to Chicago. Clay and I struck the perfect balance between work and play – exploring the city, enjoying the amazing food, and mapping out a clear vision for the future of Gravity Wiz.

And that future is so freaking bright! 

Much like the sun as Clay and I tried to take this picture. 😂

david and clay at the gravity wiz founders retreat in chicago

Highlights of the Week

Multi-page Navigation + Page Transitions

This week, we improved support for using Multi-page Navigation with Page Transitions by fixing an issue where page links were added twice. A small hiccup in a fast friendship. 🤗

example of multi page navigation and page transitions in gravity forms

Entry Blocks: Editing pricing fields

This week, we improved support for editing pricing fields in Entry Blocks. Previously, you could edit pricing fields but if you were displaying the order summary in your single entry view, it wouldn’t reflect the changes.

editing pricing fields example in gravity forms entry blocks

Note: We don’t recommend editing pricing fields for entries with payments attached. This use case works best for things like quotes and estimates which may be updated before a payment is actually collected.

Unique ID: Wait for payment

Some payment plugins create an entry and then redirect the user to an external checkout. Use the gpui_wait_for_payment filter to wait for a successful payment before generating the Unique ID.

This week, we updated the filter to automatically work for any payment addon that supports delayed payments and is built on the Gravity Forms Payment Add-on framework. Most importantly, Stripe!

Magical Mentions

Gravity PDF + Populate Anything

Our friends at Gravity PDF released an update to their popular Core Booster 2.0 add-on which includes some special features just for our Populate Anything users! 

Learn more in their release announcement.

gravity PDF and populate anything invoice example

Wizard-level Site Search

Our website is packed with content, which can make it challenging to find exactly what you need. To help with this, we’ve introduced a Typesense-powered site-wide search that is incredibly fast and impressively thorough.

Simply press CMD+K (or CTRL+K for Windows users) on any page on our website to start your search. If you like this feature, let us know so we can continue making it better!

a new site search functionality for gravity wiz

Code Chest: Easy, portable custom code for Gravity Forms

Code Chest has received a very warm welcome from the Gravity Forms community! Matt Medieros, host of the Gravity Forms Breakdown podcast asked me for a quote about why we built this plugin. I thought I’d share that with you here:

We love helping our customers with little tweaks to get their forms working just right (see our Snippet Library) but the first question we always get is: “Where do I put this?”

Code Chest is our answer. It outputs your custom scripts (and styles) anywhere your form is displayed and executes them at the right time.

My favorite part is that keeping all of your code tweaks as part of your form makes your forms incredibly portable. Export, import, or duplicate a form and all your customizations come with it.

If you haven’t already, definitely give the full episode a listen. 🎧

Sorcerous Resources

Use Query Parameters in Populate Anything Filters

Our Advanced Merge Tags snippet provides a handy {get} merge tag that can be used to fetch and display query parameters. This week, we updated it to also work in Populate Anything filters.


This was previously possible by first capturing the query parameter in a field but now with the {get} merge tag, you can keep your form a bit cleaner and use the merge tag directly in your filters.

use query parameters in populate anything filters

Note: We strongly recommend using this in combination with the :whitelist modifier to provide a list of explicit values that should be accepted. Without this security precaution, you may expose more data to a curious (or malicious) user than you’re intending.


Bust Caches, Keep Original Source URL

Cache Buster loads your forms via JavaScript after the page has rendered, allowing you to bypass even the most aggressive caching.This week, we added support for Gravity Forms’ default {embed_url} by fixing an issue where the source URL for entries submitted from cache-busted forms was always admin-ajax.php. This was a surprisingly tricky issue but we’re very pleased with the result. 😊

Product Updates

GP Advanced Select (v1.1.2)

  • Fixed issue where lazy-loaded fields could be marked as disabled when they shouldn’t be and not marked as disabled when they should be.

GP Entry Blocks (1.0-alpha-2.34)

  • Fixed issue where editing pricing fields with Entry Blocks would not appear to have taken effect due to the product cache not being refreshed.

GP Google Sheets (v1.1.11)

GP Multi Page Navigation (v1.2.8)

  • Fixed an issue where completed steps could generate multiple links when used along with Page Transitions.

GP Nested Forms (v1.1.51)

  • Added new gpnf_view_model JavaScript filter hook.
  • Fixed issue where Nested Forms would double initialize if using Gravity Forms 2.8.4 or newer.
  • Fixed issue where Nested Forms could conflict with the Elementor editor.

GP Populate Anything (v2.0.33)

  • Fixed potential PHP warning and deprecation notice.
  • Fixed issue where HTML entities could cause Live Merge Tags to stop updating.

GP Unique ID (v1.5.4)

  • Fixed an issue with filter to delay unique ID generation was not working with Stripe Payment Gateways.


  1. Phil Meyer
    Phil Meyer March 9, 2024 at 6:47 am

    Hey guys,

    Love the annual retreat pic! Hope you had a good time. :)

    I think the Multi-Page Navigation paired with Page Transitions is awesome, but I have a suggestion (or three), if I may:

    1. Hide the corresponding Multi-Page Navigation link when a page is conditionally hidden;

    2. Make the page links scrollable when there are more of them than the width of the form. In this case, unless the active link is one of the first or last couple of links, the active link could always scroll to the middle. There could also be arrows such as << and >> to scroll to the first link or the last link.

    3. An option to display Multi-Page Navigation links vertically down the side of the form, on either side, with the same options as for no. 2 above.

    Just my 2c worth… :)



    1. Samuel Bassah
      Samuel Bassah Staff March 11, 2024 at 12:27 pm

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the input. I’ll forward your suggestions to our Product manager as feature requests.


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