Gravity Forms Multi-Page Navigation

Enhanced navigation for multi-page forms.

What does it do?

This plugin allows users to navigate more easily between the pages of your Gravity Forms multi-step form. Sure, Gravity Forms provides a Next and Previous button out of the box, and for simpler forms, those navigational buttons are enough. But when you’re dealing with longer or more complex multi-page forms, providing additional page navigation is essential.


  • Convert Gravity Forms page names into clickable page links.
    Add clickable navigation to any multi-step form.
  • Control when pages are navigable.
    Activate navigation for any completed page, from the start, or when the last page is reached.
  • Create custom page links for complete control of form navigation.
    Build custom page links within the form or anywhere on the page.
  • Full support for Gravity Forms Save and Continue feature.
    Users can complete any number of pages in any order, and when Save and Continue is activated, their progress is saved.
  • Integrates with Gravity Forms Preview Submission.
    Provide a preview of the submission and a quick way for users to navigate to pages to fix mistakes.
  • Back to Last Page button.
    Automatically added in appropriate contexts to ease navigation.
  • Automatic updates.
    Get updates and latest features right in your dashboard.
  • Awesome support.
    We’re here to help! And we mean it.

How do I enable this functionality?

After installing and activating Gravity Forms Multi-Page Navigation, page navigation can be activated inside Page fields. Let’s step through that process.

Ensure that you have at least two pages.
Select the “Start Paging” field at the very top of the form.
Check Enable Page Navigation.
Specify when you would like the form navigation to be available via the “Activation Type” setting.

Feature Details

Activation Type

Specify which pages can be navigated to and when. Available options:

The user can navigate to any form page they have completed

Once the user has completed a page, they can navigate directly to this page from any other page on the form. This is very useful on longer forms that have a linear progression.

Works well with Preview Submission.

The user can navigate to any form page from the start

As soon as the user arrives on the form, they are able to navigate to any page. This is useful for any multi-page form where the user does not necessarily need to complete the form in a specific order; forms where the user may not have all of the required information but would like to fill out as much of the form as possible before using Gravity Forms’ Save and Continue functionality to save their progress and continue later.

Validation with the from the start activation type

Validation is skipped when the form is navigated via the page links. If the default Next button is used, the page will be validated as usual.

Regardless, all pages will be revalidated when the final page is submitted. If validation errors are found, the user will be redirected back to the first page containing errors. If there are multiple pages with errors, a helpful Next Page with Errors button is added to direct the user to the next page containing validation errors.

When the user arrives on the last page with validation errors, a Submit will become available, allowing the user to submit the form without having to navigate back to the last page. This feature can be disabled with the gpmpn_enable_submission_from_last_page_with_errors hook.

Works well with Gravity Forms Save and Continue feature. It will even remember the last page the user accessed!

The user can navigate to any form page after reaching the last page

Once the user has reached the last page, they are able to navigate back to any page on the form. This is useful if you would like to keep the user focused on moving forward through the form. On the last page of the form, you might show a confirmation of the data to be submitted (possible with Preview Submission). The user can now confirm the information they’ve entered and if they find a mistake and quickly navigate back to the page in question.

Back to Last Page Button

The Back to Last Page button is available at different times depending on the form navigation activation type. If the user can navigate to any form page they have completed, the button is added on any page prior to the last completed page. If the user can navigate to any form page after reaching the last page, the button is added on any page prior to the last page.

Next Page with Errors Button

If navigation is enabled from the start, validation is bypassed until the the final submission (when page links are used). If there are multiple pages with validation errors, a helpful Next Page with Errors button is available to save the users wasted time trying to find which page failed validation. The user can submit the form directly from the last page with errors.

Gravity Forms Preview Submission Integration

Use Preview Submission to offer a preview of the user’s entered data before it is submitted.

If the user spots a mistake, they’ll need to click the Previous button over and over again to access the page with the incorrect data.

Enable navigation from the last page (or any completed page) to allow the user to navigate directly to the page in question and fix the incorrect data.

Gravity Forms Save and Continue Support

Currently, users must complete the form in a linear format. If they’re on the first page and don’t have a piece of required information, they’ll have to stop cold.

Enable navigation from the start to allow users to fill out as much information on as many pages as they can before using GF’s Save and Continue feature to save their progress.

In some cases, you may want to create custom page links either within the form or anywhere else on the page on which the form is rendered. These custom links can direct the user to any page on the form. To create a custom page link, use the following format:

<a href="#{pageNumber}" class="gpmpn-page-link">My Link Text</a>

Here are two examples that show real custom page links:

<a href="#1" class="gpmpn-page-link">Head Back to Page #1</a>

<a href="#2" class="gpmpn-page-link">Get On Back to Page #2</a>

Custom Starting Page

If some contexts, you may want to have the user begin on a specific page. The most common use case is when you’re using Gravity Forms’ dynamic population to populate some pages with previously collected data. Rather than have the user click through those pages, you can have them start from a specific page using one of these methods.

  • Shortcode

    [gravityforms id="123" page="2"]

  • Query String

    For security, this method is only available if you set a default page parameter via the shortcode. Use page="1" to set the default starting page to the first page and allow the query string to override the starting page when present.

  • Filter

    add_filter( 'gpmpn_default_page', function( $page ) { 
            return 2;
        } );

Styling with CSS

.gform_wrapper .gf_step {
    opacity: 0.5;

Multi-page Navigation adds two helpful classes.

.gpmpn-step-linked {
 /* custom styles */

Style page name for the current page

.gpmpn-step-current {
 /* custom styles */


Gravity Forms Page Transitions can be used to help improve the flow of your multi-page forms.

Enable this perk to create smooth, animated transitions between form pages. It will also indicate progress and automatically advance users from one page to another after the last field on the current page is completed (via Soft Validation). The fluid transitions and automatic progression can be helpful for increasing form conversions and improving the look and feel of your forms.

Gravity Forms Advanced Save and Continue can be useful for longer, multi-page submissions.

Advanced Save and continue automatically saves form progress and reloads it when you return, without the need for additional clicks or emails. This works for logged-in/authenticated users or website visitors. Multiple drafts, return messages, and other configurations can be managed from the plugin’s interface.


Add the following CSS to automatically disable Multi-Page Navigation links while data populates.


Gravity Forms has hundreds of hooks. Check out our Gravity Forms Hook Reference for the most thorough guide to Gravity Forms’ many actions and filters.

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