Gravity Forms File Renamer

Automatically rename and organize files uploaded to Gravity Forms, powered by flexible templates with support for dynamic values.

What does it do?

Gravity Forms File Renamer makes renaming files uploaded with Gravity Forms effortless. Specify a naming template and files are renamed when the form is submitted. Naming templates are quite flexible, with support for static and dynamic values (i.e. merge tags), custom deduplicators and incrementers, and the ability to group files in folders.

The possibilities are endless!

gravity forms rename uploaded file


  • Rename files uploaded to Gravity Forms.
    Effortlessly rename files using a flexible naming template with full merge tag support.
  • Add a prefix and suffix.
    Preserve the existing filename while adding text before or after.
  • Full merge tag support.
    Include identifying submission data in the filename like the user’s first and last name.
  • Control how files are incremented or deduplicated.
    Add numeric increments to filenames per field or take control of how duplicate filenames are deduplicated.
  • Enable custom upload folders.
    Automate file organization with custom upload folders, like grouping all files from a submission into a folder with the entry ID.
  • Integrates with existing Gravity Forms fields.
    Available in File Upload, Multi-file Upload, and Post Image fields.
  • Works with other Gravity Forms plugins automatically.
    Rename files in File Upload Pro enabled fields, add Unique IDs to filenames, and store renamed files in the Media Library.
  • All languages supported.
    Rename files using any language or character set. Hallå!
  • Automatic updates.
    Get updates and the latest features right in your dashboard.
  • Legendary support.
    We’re here to help! And we mean it.

How do I enable this functionality?

After installing and activating Gravity Forms File Renamer, files can be renamed in any File Upload or Post Image field in your forms. Let’s step through that process.

Add a File Upload field to your form.
Select the _Perks_ tab, and set up your Filename Template using Merge Tags.

Feature Details

Rename Uploaded Files

When using Gravity Forms, renaming uploaded files is simple with File Renamer.

  • Files are renamed based on the Filename Template.
  • Whatever is entered in the template will determine how the file is renamed.
  • It accepts both static and dynamic content.
  • Static content is typed into the field, and dynamic content is added via Merge Tags.
rename files uploading with gravity forms

Add a Prefix or Suffix

Adding a prefix or suffix to filenames is easy with File Renamer. Start by adding the {filename} merge tag to your Filename Template. Then, add the prefix or suffix you want before or after the filename. For example, here I’m adding the suffix of -wizard to all uploaded files.


Merge Tags

File Renamer supports using merge tags in filenames, allowing you to dynamically change the file upload text on upload. This includes both field merge tags and the {entry} merge tag. This lets you easily include identifiable, actionable entry data in the filename like the user’s first and last name and things like the entry ID.

gravity forms file upload merge tags

On top of field and form merge tags, File Renamer also introduces special templating merge tags for renaming files.

– `{filename}` Outputs the original filename. – `{dedup}` File Renamer automatically handles deduplicating files. Use the {dedup} merge tag to control where the incremented value is added in the filename. This should not be used with the {i} merge tag. – `{i}` Increments files based on the order in which they were uploaded (file-a-1.png, file-b-2.png, file-c-3.png). This works best in Multi-file Upload fields when filenames will be unique to the given entry, for example, when including the {entry:id} in the filename template.

Custom Upload Folder

Adding a slash ( / ) to your Filename Template will create a subfolder for that file to live in. You can use this to store files in a custom subfolder specific to the given form or entry. For example, this will store the uploaded files for each entry in a folder whose name is the entry ID.


Global Filename Template

File Renamer supports global filename templates using the gpfr_filename hook. A global filename template will apply to every file that is uploaded for any form. The gpfr_filename hook can also be used to target all uploads for a specific form or uploads for a specific field.


File Upload Pro

File Renamer integrates with File Upload Pro to improve the file upload process. Uploaded files are automatically renamed when the form is submitted based on the configured naming template. If you’re using the {i} merge tag to increment files based on their order, File Upload Pro’s sorting feature lets the the user choose the file order.

Unique ID

With Unique ID, filenames can be given sequential numbers and unique alphanumeric IDs. Simply insert the Unique ID field’s merge tag into the File Template. There’s no additional configuration required.

Media Library

With Media Library, files are automatically uploaded to the WordPress Media Library. Files are renamed before being uploaded to the library, so files in the media library match your naming template.

Known Limitations

  • Including post ID in filenames is not supported, as posts are generated after files are renamed.
  • Files are uploaded before they are renamed. If you have uploaded files before activating File Renamer, some filenames may be deduplicated by Gravity Forms before File Renamer has renamed them.
  • Custom upload paths are not supported when using GP Media Library.


Gravity Forms has hundreds of hooks. Check out our Gravity Forms Hook Reference for the most thorough guide to Gravity Forms’ many actions and filters.

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