Gravity Forms Auto List Field

Sync the number of rows in your List fields with a field value or capture the row count in a field.

What does it do?

GF Auto List Field automatically syncs the number of rows in a List field with the value of a Number or Quantity field. It can also count the number of List field rows and use that value in a calculation.


  • Sync List field rows to a field value.
    Automatically add/remove list field rows based on the value of a Number, Quantity, Single Product or Calculated Product field.
  • Count number of list field rows.
    Count the number of list field rows and output that value into a field.
  • Better UX, better data.
    Users will appreciate the streamlined process. You’ll appreciate having all the information you need.
  • Automatic updates.
    Get updates and the latest features right in your dashboard.
  • Legendary support.
    We’re here to help! And we mean it.

How do I enable this functionality?

After installing and activating Gravity Forms Auto list Field, all List fields will show the Perks tab in within the form editor. Let’s have a look how to use it.

Add a Number field to your form.
Add a List field or open an existing List field to modify its settings.
Navigate to the Perks tab and check Enable Auto List Field and map the Trigger Field to your Number field.

Feature Details

Automatically Add and Remove List Field Rows

GF Auto List Fields can automatically add and remove list field rows based on the value in a Number, Quantity, Single Product or Calculated Product field.

First, check Enable Auto List Field under the Perks tab of the List field and map your Number or Quantity field in the Trigger Field setting.

Once the field is mapped, GF Auto List Fields will automatically adjust the number of list field rows in real-time.

Count List Field Rows

To automatically count the number of List field rows in a Number or Quantity field, use the new :count merge tag modifier in the Number field’s calculation.

For example, to count the number of list field rows for a List field whose ID is 1, use the following:


Once inserted, GF Auto List Field will count the number of rows automatically.


You can trust data submitted via Auto List Field.

When auto-adding List field rows, GF Auto List Field will ensure that the number of List field rows submitted matches the number captured in the trigger field.

When capturing the List field count via our :count modifier, Gravity Forms will recalculate the entire calculation on submission ensuring the result has not been tampered with.

Known Limitations

  • You cannot capture a List field’s row count directly in a Single or Calculated Product’s quantity input. There are two workarounds.

    1. Add a separate Quantity field and associate it with the desired Product field.
    2. Capture the row count in a Number field and use Copy Cat to copy the value to the product’s quantity input.

    If you’d like to see better support for Product fields’ inline quantity input, let us know


Copy Cat

Gravity Forms Copy Cat is a versatile perk that allows you to copy the values from one field to another. It even supports copying from one List field to another and copying other field types (like Checkboxes!) to List fields.


You can use the free Loco Translate plugin to create translations for any of our Perks. If you’ve never used Loco translate before, here’s a tutorial written for beginners.


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