Gravity Forms Copy Cat

Easily copy the values from one field to another in your Gravity Form.

What does it do?

This plugin allows you to copy values from one field to another within the same form. Values can be copied either automatically as they are typed or when a specific Checkbox in the form is checked.

For example, with automatic copying the user can enter their first and last name into a field, and those values will be immediately copied into the Name input on a Credit Card field as they type.

Copying with a Checkbox is particularly useful for situations like specifying a billing and shipping address. There is a good chance the user would desire to enter the same address for both fields. You can configure a Checkbox to copy the user-entered values from the billing address field to the shipping address field.

Copy Cat supports copying to and from almost all Gravity Forms fields, so the possibilities are endless!


  • Copy values from one field to another.
    Save your users time by copying input values to other fields in the form.
  • Automatic or manual copying.
    Trigger the copy when the user checks a box or automatically.
  • Copy multiple fields.
    Copy values from a single source to multiple fields and from multiple sources to multiple fields!
  • Target specific inputs of multi-input fields.
    Copy only the First Name in a Name field, the Quantity of a Product field, and other specific inputs from multi-input fields.
  • Copy based on “if” conditions.
    Copy values only if another field value is present or selected.
  • Supports most Gravity Forms fields.
    Values can be copied to and from almost any field.
  • Automatic updates.
    Get updates and the latest features right in your dashboard.
  • Awesome support.
    We’re here to help! And we mean it.

How do I enable this functionality?

After installing and activating Copy Cat, the perk is activated by adding a specially formatted CSS class to a supported field.

The process for setting up Copy Cat differs depending on whether you want to automatically copy or trigger the copy on a Checkbox.

Let’s step through how to set up a Checkbox to manually trigger copying one field to another. We’ll cover automatically copying in another section below.

Add a Checkbox field to your form.
Adding the specially formatted CSS class to the checkbox field via the Custom CSS Class setting under the Advanced tab.

The syntax for Copy Cat’s CSS class is copy-{fieldId}-to-{fieldId}

Replace the first {fieldId} with the ID of the field you will be copying from and the second {fieldId} with the ID of the field you will be copying to.

Use the field ID to copy all inputs of a field into another field. Use the input ID if you want to copy to or from a specific input. When in doubt, just use the field ID.

When the Checkbox field is checked, Copy Cat will automatically copy the value from the “source” field ID to the “target” field ID.

Feature Details

Automatically Copy One Field to Another Field

GP Copy Cat also supports automatically copying one field to another. To accomplish this, you would add the Copy Cat class to the “source” field rather than a Checkbox field.

For example, if you want to copy a value from field ID 1 to field ID 2, you would add the class to field ID 1 and it will then automatically copy that value into field ID 2.

If you have other classes in this field, add a space after the last existing class and add the Copy Cat class to the end.

Copy a Single Field to Multiple Fields

If you’d like a single checkbox to copy the values from one field to multiple other fields, just append another Copy Cat CSS class.

copy-{fieldId}-to-{fieldId} copy-{fieldId}-to-{fieldId}

Translated into some sample field ID fields, it would like like this:

copy-1-to-2 copy-1-to-3

Copy Multiple Fields to Multiple Fields

Using the same concept as copying multiple fields, we can also copy multiple fields to other fields.

copy-1-to-2 copy-3-to-4 copy-5-to-6

This would allow you to copy multiple groups of fields to another group of fields in a single batch.

A good use case for this functionality is when you need to copy all billing information (name, phone number, email, etc) to the shipping portion of your form (assuming you are doing some form of ecommerce with Gravity Forms).

Target Specific Inputs of Multi-input Fields

Some fields, like the Address and Name field, have multiple inputs. You can copy from or to a specific input by referencing the input ID in the Copy Cat CSS class.

  • Copy “Last Name” from one Name field to another


  • Copy First and Last Name to Credit Card “Name” Input


  • Copy “State” input from Address field to a Single Line Text field


Copying with Conditions

We can copy field values only if another field value is present or selected.

For example, field ID 1 will be copied to field ID 3 only if field ID 2 has a value:


To copy field ID 3 to field ID 4 only if radio field ID 1 has the first option selected, the CSS class would look like this:


Note: “0” represents the first radio button, “1” is the second, and so on.

Copying to List Fields

Copy Cat has robust support for List fields. You can:

  • Copy one List field to another.

    Example: copy-1-to-2 where 1 and 2 represent List field IDs.

  • Copy multi-value fields to List fields.

    Example: copy-3-to-4 where 3 represent a Checkbox field ID and 4 represents a List field ID.

  • Copy a multi-value field to a specific column in a List field.

    Example: copy-5-to-6.3 where 5 represents a Multi Select field, 6 represents a List field ID, and 3 represents the third column of that List field.

Other variations are supported but you will find these are the most useful.

Supported Fields

  • Standard Fields: Single Line Text, Paragraph, Drop Down, Multi Select, Checkboxes, Number, Radio Buttons, Hidden
  • Advanced Fields: Name, Date, Time, Phone, Address, Website, Email, List
  • Post Fields: Title, Body, Excerpt, Tags*, Category*, Custom Field*
  • Product Fields: Product*, Quantity, Option*, Shipping

Note: While this is the official list of supported fields, it is not an exhaustive list. Many other fields may be supported depending on their configuration.

(*) Field is supported if configured to use a supported input type.


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