Spotlight: Prompt finessing with GF OpenAI and Storybooker.AI

Storybooker.AI is using the Gravity Forms OpenAI plugin to great effect, with relatively simple prompting. So we had to investigate.

prompt finessing with openai and storybooker ai

With Gravity Forms OpenAI’s release, we’ve seen a lot of WordPress developers venture into fun, exploratory territory. 

Joel Armsden’s is a great example. Focused on songs, homework lessons, life planning, and anything else story-centric, it’s a great way to generate ideas and kickstart creative projects. You can also share stories, view and upvote someone else’s, and keep track of your favorites.

The user input for Storybooker takes place in Gravity Forms and is powered by a mix of Gravity Forms OpenAI, Populate Anything, and Cache Buster. Using Gravity Forms OpenAI’s merge tags, Joel is able to deliver results with simple prompts.

Game time: guess the prompt.

storybooker ai's output

Prompting is always an intriguing part of building these tools, so we had to investigate.

There are two fields for input on Storybooker — ”Write me a [story type]” and “About [topic].” 

Joel’s prompt?

“Tell me @{storytype:28} about @{about:29}”

Where 28 and 29 would be the field IDs, respectively.

Yup, it’s that simple. “I found the simpler the prompt, the more consistent the results.”

“In an earlier version I asked for the author’s name, an interest they had and a friend/foe’s name, but the more convoluted it got / more merge tags I included, the less consistent the results — often in terms of simple text formatting, in fact.”

The AI feed settings are out of the box too — Joel’s using the Davinci model.

Joel then uses Populate Anything’s Live Merge Tags to populate field data elsewhere on the form to help carry the user experience. 

Check out Joel’s tool here, and have a splendid day. 🧙


  1. Webjects
    Webjects May 12, 2023 at 4:52 pm

    How was the loading screen created? This is super cool. This would be a super effective as the page hangs when using the open ai gravity wiz as it takes a while sometimes.

    1. Cole Fraser
      Cole Fraser Staff May 15, 2023 at 8:03 am


      Thanks for the comment.

      On submission, Joel triggers an Elementor popup with a Lottie animation to tie users over while waiting for an OpenAI response. :)

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