Spotlight: Sales Automation with Notification Scheduler

See how Michelle Marin uses Gravity Forms Notification Scheduler to personalize and automate pre-sales for her agency.

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Michelle Marin’s design agency is one of elegance and taste. Like fine wine for design services. Her offerings range from branding (for example, logo design) to building entire websites or writing your copy. The pre-sales process is smooth, reflecting the finesse of her brand. And it’s all completely automated.

“Our goal was to spend less time on manual, repetitive tasks and answering common email questions with clients.”

Questions like: which services are you interested in? Do you want to collaborate, or have us handle everything? What’s your deadline?

In a bid to save time on monotonous tasks, uses Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms Notification Scheduler to create timed, personalized follow-ups that send automatically. 

Here’s how it works.

  1. A prospect fills out a pre-sales form on their website.
  2. has customized Gravity Forms so prospects can indicate their interest and tailor their request. Conditional logic is used on form fields to help create Michelle’s response.
  3. Gravity Forms Notification Scheduler sends timed, personalized automatic replies (and follow-ups) with essential details about process, timeline, pricing, etc.
  4. Michelle’s secret sauce is the Gravity Forms Conditional Shortcode, a bit of a hidden Gravity Forms gem — which displays dynamic content in her follow-ups based on the prospect’s initial selections.

The Conditional Shortcode lets you create a condition (based on user input) that evaluates to true or false. If true, the content within the shortcode is displayed. Learn more about the Gravity Forms Conditional Shortcode.

Let’s test this out! I’m interested in logo designs. I’ll go through the pre-sales form on and select this option.

Michelle Marin's Gravity Forms pre-sales form.

In the backend of this same form, conditional logic is being used to create Michelle’s forthcoming response. Here’s an example of that conditional logic in the backend.

Gravity Forms Conditional Logic for personalized pre-sales responses

After submission, Michelle’s reached out to me with a tailored response based on my request — logo designs.

Gravity Forms notification pre-sales email from

Here’s the code Michelle uses behind this tailored response:

[gravityforms action="conditional" merge_tag="{:330}" condition="is" value="Website Design"]

<b><a href="[insert url to eCommerce packages page]">Website Design Packages</a></b>

<b><a href="[insert url to eCommerce packages page]">eCommerce Design Packages</a></b>[/gravityforms][gravityforms action="conditional" merge_tag="{:502}" condition="contains" value="Website Design"]

Ah, what’s this? Another follow-up, some time after. This email further clarifies services and provides resources and links to get started, this time coming from Michael. 

Secondary follow-up email from Michelle Marin based on initial outreach

Michelle created a pre-sales drip campaign tailored to the end user that provides without taking up any of Michelle’s time.

“The auto email and follow-up sequence saved us many hours of manually writing emails to prospects. In some cases, if we want to send a manual email to a prospect, we can always remove them from the flow and send an email to them the old-fashioned way. :)”

Worth noting: you’ll benefit from SMTP mail to authenticate emails coming from your WordPress site. And we have just the recommendation for you.

Now that’s epic!

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