Category: Plugins

Gravity Forms Feed Specific Submit Button

Dynamically update your form’s submit button to tell your customers they’re being redirected to Stripe Checkout.

Gravity Forms All Fields Template

Take complete control of the Gravity Forms {all_fields} merge tag output with this lightweight plugin.

Gravity Forms Tag Editor

A simple plugin that makes modifying Gravity Forms tags a breeze. Change any attribute of the form tag with just a few lines of code.

Include Post Permalink in Gravity Forms Confirmation or Notification

There are two methods for generating a link to a post created by Gravity Forms. Both methods are intended for use in Gravity Forms’ confirmations …

Submit a Gravity Form to Access Content

This plugin provides a simple way to protect your content, requiring the visitor to submit a form in order to gain access.

Gravity Forms Coupons: Exclude Shipping

Exclude the shipping price when calculating coupon discounts with the Gravity Forms Coupons add-on.

Rounding by Increments with Gravity Forms

Rounding by increments allows you to round a number (up or down) to the nearest increment of n. If n were 25, 26 would be rounded to 25, whereas 49 would be rounded to 50.

Simple Split Testing with Gravity Forms

Which version of your form performs the best? Split Testing for Gravity Forms will help you find out.