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 Gravity Wiz // Gravity Forms // Copy Button for Save & Continue Link
 Instruction Video:
 Add a button that when click will copy the generated Save and Continue link URL to the user's
 Note: This will only work for pages served over `https` and will not work in Internet Explorer.

<!-- Add this markup wherever you would like the "Copy" button to appear -->
<button type="button" onclick="gwCopyToClipboard( document.getElementsByClassName( 'resume_form_link' )[0].text )">Copy!</button>

 Add this script block to the bottom of your "Save and Continue Confirmation" message.
 We recommend disabling auto-formatting for the confirmation as well.
	const gwCopyToClipboard = async ( text ) => {
		try {
			await navigator.clipboard.writeText( text );
		} catch (err) {
			console.error( 'Failed to copy: ', err );

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