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Recent Updates

  • Gravity Wiz Weekly 228
    The largest collection of Gravity Forms snippets in the universe — over 900 — now searchable and discoverable straight from our website.
  • Gravity Wiz Weekly 227
    See Populate Anything in action with a new spotlight and a live workshop! Plus, Feed Forge goodness and persistent user-added choices with Advanced Select.
  • Gravity Wiz Weekly 226
    This week, we shift focus to some of the exciting things wizards in our thriving developer ecosystem are building.
  • Gravity Wiz Weekly 225
    900 snippets! Plus, show addresses in specific languages, auto attach PDFs to Parent Notifications, and see responses to last week’s question, “what do you want in a Notion integration?”
  • Gravity Wiz Weekly 224
    What do you want in a Notion integration? Plus, usability enhancements for Entry Blocks, Nested Forms + Easy Passthrough, Complex (Google) Sheets, and more.