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Recent Updates

  • Gravity Wiz Weekly 217
    Explore or new website with us! This one’s a decade in the making. Plus, new blocks for Entry Blocks and custom choice labels with Advanced Select.
  • Gravity Wiz Weekly 216
    We want your feedback on Gravity Wiz Weekly! Plus, reorder feeds with GP Google Sheets, mentions of the magical variety, prevent duplicate selections, and more.
  • Gravity Wiz Weekly 215
    Conditional Pricing 2.0 is here! Plus, Populate Anything and Gravity Flow integrations, use cases for GP Google Sheets, filter terms by depth, and plenty more.
  • Gravity Wiz Weekly 214
    A commitment to compatibility. New free plugins. Hot takes. Sleeper updates. And Product Configurator Beta 2.
  • Gravity Wiz Weekly 213
    Updates to Populate Anything, Nested Forms, eCommerce Fields, and more. Plus, learn how to create dynamic, customizable quoting forms!