Author: Scott Ryer

How to Filter One Field By Another and Create Gravity Forms Chained Selects

Learn how to use Populate Anything to create your own chained selects and filter large amounts of dynamic data in your forms.

How to Calculate in Both Years and Months with Gravity Forms

Learn how to use Gravity Forms to calculate in both years and months for countdowns, job histories, exact ages, or anything else.

How to Set a Featured Image and Add to ACF Gallery From The Same Field

Simplify your forms by using a single Multi-file Upload field to set the featured image and populate a gallery for a generated post.

Gravity Forms Email Validation: Check Emails Live Prior to Submission

Use this guide to learn how to validate a Gravity Forms Email field live before needing to click submit.

Gravity Forms Dashboard Widget Controls

Clean up your Gravity Forms Dashboard Widget by customizing which forms you see.

Gravity Forms Zip Code Validation: A Step By Step Guide

Learn how to use conditional logic to validate a customer’s postal code before they submit their order.

Protect Dynamically Populated Forms From Incomplete Submissions

Prevent form submissions unless a user navigates to your form using a specific URL.

Using Gravity Forms for Age Verification: How to set up Age-based Validation

Often used for adult products (like alcohol) or concert tickets, age verification forms can prevent form submissions if the user’s age is below or above a specified threshold.

Current Time Merge Tags in Gravity Forms

Automatically populate the current time into a field, confirmations, and notifications.

Append and Prepend Values to Gravity Forms Merge Tags

Append and prepend values to Gravity Forms merge tags anywhere that they are supported. Customize how your forms display information dynamically.

gravity forms conditional date tags

Display Captured Dates in Any Format with Gravity Forms

Capture a date in one format (like 10/10/2021) and display it another (like October, 10th 2021).

smart forms and advanced conditional choices with gravity forms

Create Smart Forms and Advanced Conditional Choices with Gravity Forms

Learn how to create smart forms that dynamically update available fields based on user input.

conditional choices

How to Create Conditional Choices with Gravity Forms

Learn how to use WordPress and Gravity Forms Populate Anything to create conditional choice fields that automatically change based on user input.

Better File Uploads with Gravity Forms

Improve the Gravity Forms File Upload field for a better user experience.

How to Crop Images with Gravity Forms

Add cropping capability to Gravity Forms File Upload fields.