Advanced Phone Field Levels Up to 1.0

Put a modern Phone field experience on speed dial — now tested, polished, and backed by our 1.0 guarantee.

advanced phone field release

Greetings, wizards!

Our phones have evolved considerably over the last-century. Phone numbers? Not so much. And yet, they continue to keep us connected after all these years. 

If you’re using Gravity Forms to collect phone numbers, you know how important it is to ensure entered numbers are real — and how beneficial it is to be able to act on Gravity Forms data in meaningful ways. 

You probably also know we cooked up a solution to do just that. And today, I’m excited to share that the spell that gives your Phone field superpowers has turned 1.0.

gravity forms phone number validation

Advanced Phone Field ensures that entered phone numbers are real and automatically formats them according to their country’s standards. No throwaway numbers. Less typos. What else?

  • Spice up your form’s UX with a smooth country select and stylish flags. 🇺🇸
  • Get metadata about each number like country, state, and in some countries, type and carrier — which can be used with conditional logic.
gravity forms phone number verfification

What does 1.0 mean?

We’ve fixed every last bug you could find (which wasn’t very many) and developed a comprehensive suite of automated end-to-end tests that run through real-world use-cases. Advanced Phone Field is ready to phone home (“home” being your production website 😉). 

This also allows us to develop Advanced Phone Field tweaks for Pro customers. Most recently, we released the ability to set custom validation messages

If you’re ready to “hop on a call” with Advanced Phone Field, it’s available now in your WordPress admin (via the Perks page) or by download in your Gravity Wiz account.

If you haven’t taken the leap into perks yet, it’s about time you put a modern phone experience on speed dial 📲

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