Gravity Forms Limit Submissions v1.0 Beta 1 Released

Our Better Limit Submissions snippet is one of our oldest and most popular snippets. We’ve spent months converting this snippet into a full-featured, powerhouse plugin. Everything that the snippet could do, this plugin can do better. Limiting the number of submissions (by user, role, IP, URL, or field value) for your forms has never been easier.

Today, we’re thrilled to release the first public beta of Gravity Forms Limit Submissions. You can install the new plugin directly from the “Manage Perks” page in your WordPress admin.

Here are some of the features we’re particularly excited about!

  • Limit Who Can Submit Your Forms
    Limit by user, role, and IP.
  • Limit What Can Be Submitted
    Allow the same combination of name and address to be submitted only once – or – any number of times – or – any other combination of fields.
  • Limit Where Your Forms Can Be Submitted
    Use the same form on multiple pages and limit the number of submissions per page.
  • Limit When Your Forms Can Be Submitted
    1 per minute? 5 per day? 10 submissions ever? It’s all easily configurable with comprehensive time periods!
  • Combine Multiple Limitations for Granular Control
    Create complex submission limits that mix and match any of the limitation rules.
  • Custom Limitation Message
    When the limit is reached, display a custom, merge-tag-supported limitation message.
  • Limit Reached Notifications
    Notify the admin and/or submitting user when the limit has been reached using flexible Gravity Forms notifications.
  • Handy Shortcode to Display Submission and Limitation Counts
    Display the current number of submissions, the remaining count, and the total limit.
  • Powerful Developer Options
    Global feeds, collective multi-form limits, and well-documented hooks to extend this feature-rich plugin even further.

Want to learn more?

Excited? Want to learn more? We have some fantastic documentation that will answer all of your questions.

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  1. Aj
    Aj February 5, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    Quick question! I’d like to limit Gravity Form submissions via # of items purchased.

    For example – a coach purchases 10 client licenses – they can then submit 10 clients into their form. When they run out they will have to purchase more.

    Is Gravity Perks something I can modify to do so??



  2. Thomas Ayer
    Thomas Ayer January 5, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    I am posting here as I did for the Nested Perk… same issue. I install perk and it does not appear under Manage Perks nor does the Limit Submissions appear under Settings within the Form. Both Perks are activated as well and show Activated within my Plugins.


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