Gravity Perks Weekly Updates #7

February is in full swing! We made a ton of bug fixes this week. Thanks to our awesome customers for reporting them. We also wanted to highlight a couple gists we cooked up.

Prevent Double Click Duplicate Submission — Want an easy way to avoid duplicate submissions where the user has clicked the submit button multiple times? We wrote a snippet for that (view snippet).

Allow Admins to Edit Read Only Fields — GP Read Only makes it a breeze to set your fields as read only. In some cases, you might only want those fields to be read-only for non-admin users. This snippet will allow you to set a class on a field to automatically disable read-only for admin users (view snippet).

GP Live Preview (v1.2.5)

  • Fixed issue where Live Preview submenu options would sometimes click through to URLs.

GP Conditional Logic Dates (v1.0.beta6.3)

  • Fixed issue where wildcard date comparison generated a JS error; they were still using the old method for fetching the date format.

GP Copy Cat (v1.4.9)

  • Fixed issue where target List field rows could be completely removed when targeted from another List field.
  • Fixed issue where read only checkboxes were unchecked incorrectly have being checked.
  • Fixed issue where copying checkbox field to checkbox field did not correctly clear unselected checkbox fields from the target field.

GP Limit Checkboxes (v1.2.beta2.6)

  • Updated POT file.

GP Price Range (v1.0.4)

  • Added ‘gppr_validation_messages’ filter to allow modifying the validation messages. See Example
  • Updated perk to use GP_Bootstrap

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