Gravity Perks Weekly Updates #13

Almost time to say farewell to March. Let’s say farewell with an another round of Gravity Perks updates. We made some big changes to GF Limit Checkboxes and GF Copy Cat and I’m particularly excited about our the new snippet for setting conditional limits with GF Limit Checkboxes.

Conditional Limits for Gravity Forms Limit Checkboxes — Define a conditional minimum/maximum limit (how many checkboxes must/can be selected). Requires Gravity Forms Limit Checkboxes. View Snippet

Exclude Unique ID Fields from Gravity PDF — When using Gravity PDF together with Gravity Forms Unique ID, you can now exclude Unique ID Fields. View Snippet

Here’s a full list of updates we made to Gravity Perks this week:

Gravity Forms eCommerce Fields (v1.0.beta1.4)

  • Fixed issue where Calculated Products were not captured by GF payment add-ons.

Gravity Forms Limit Checkboxes (v1.2)

  • Added better support for filtering validation messages (@see
  • Added translation support and updated POT.
  • Added ability to fetch GPLimitCheckboxes instance via window.GPLimitCheckboxes.instances[ formId ] for use in 3rd party integrations.
  • Added various performance improvements.
  • Added ‘gplc_group’ filter (JS & PHP) to allow filtering the limit groups before they are processed on the frontend and before they are validated on submission.
  • Updated minimum Gravity Forms version to 1.9
  • Fixed issue where checkboxes checked by default were not counted towards limits on frontend.
  • Fixed issue where choices that were disabled via external source would become reenabled
  • Fixed issue where checkbox fields were incorrectly disabled if limit was enabled with no max limit specified.
  • Fixed issue where min/max validations were processed even if no min/max limit was specified.
  • Fixed issue where UI would flash briefly before being hidden when form editor was loading.
  • Fixed issue where fields hidden by conditional logic were incorrectly validated
  • Fixed issue where fields were validated on every page submission (rather than only on the page submission that contains them)
  • Fixed issue where limit JS was not applied when the form was loaded
  • Fixed issue where fields that were part of a group but did not have specific limit did not trigger checkbox limits

Gravity Forms Copy Cat (v1.4.17)

  • Added support for copying from specific List field column to another List field column.
  • Added support for clearing a target List field when a row from the source List is removed.
  • Added ‘gpcc_copied_value’ filter to allow modifying the copied value before it is inserted into the target field.
  • Added support for not overwriting target values by default when the form is rendered; resolves issue where target values were overridden when loading data via Save & Continue.
  • Added ‘gpcc_overwrite_existing_values_on_init’ filter; allows forcing source values to overwite target values when form is rendered.
  • Updated gwCopyObj JS object to be more extensible.

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