Gravity Wiz Weekly #54

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Hello, wizards!

The first stable beta of Gravity Forms Populate Anything will be going out to the users who signed up today. If you’d like to get early access to this perk, drop us a line via support. We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

We have a couple fresh snippets and a several updates for both GF Limit Submissions and GF Nested Forms. Check out the full details below.

Until next week. ?

New Snippets

Gravity Perks // GP Limit Submissions // Display Poll Results When Limit Is Reached
When using Limit Submissions in combination with the Gravity Forms Polls add-on, this snippet will allow you to display the polls results once the limit has been reached.

Gravity Perks // GP Limit Submissions // Dynamically Set Limit
This snippet provides a template for dynamically setting a submission limit with the Gravity Forms Submission Limit perk.

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Gravity Perks

Gravity Forms Limit Submissions (v1.0-beta-1.5)

  • Updated GPLS_RuleGroup properties to be public to better support 3rd-party modifications.
  • Updated instance of GPLS_Enforce to be available via GP_Limit_Submissions::$enforce property.
  • Added support for limiting by anonymous users (not-logged-in).
  • Updated verbiage of “All IPs” and “All Users” to better indicate that these rules apply to “each” user.

Gravity Forms Nested Forms (v1.0-beta-6.5)

  • Fixed issue where the Multi-file Upload field’s delete icon returned a 404 when displayed in a nested form.
  • Fixed issue where adding an image to a Multi-field Upload field on a nested form did not correctly save the image when editing a child entry.
  • Fixed issue where {Parent:1} did not reevaluate conditional logic when value changed.

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