Gravity Wiz Weekly #95

gravity wiz weekly

Greetings, wizards!

We’re still wizarding away on our Gravity Forms 2.5 optimizations for Gravity Perks. The new settings design introduced in GF 2.5 really help our perks shine even brighter! Here’s a little sneak peek of what Live Preview looks like in 2.5.

In other news, we’ve made a couple new hires whom I hope to introduce to you in a future update. I’ve never been more excited about the team of wizards we’re building here at Gravity Wiz!

Farewell for now and for all your regularly scheduled updates, read on. πŸ“–


Combining the power of Populate Anything and Nested Forms
This is an epic new snippet we’ve written that allows you to populate child entries submitted in a Nested Form field into any choice field on your form as they are submitted! Watch the instructional video for an overview.

Gravity Perks

GP Date Time Calculator (v1.0-beta-4.4)

  • Updated docs URL to point to GP Date Time Calculator docs rather than the Gravity Wiz homepage.
  • Fixed an issue where age calculation may be off by a few hours depending on the timezone.

GP Easy Passthrough (v1.4.17)

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Stripe Card field types.

GP Media Library (v1.2.14)

  • Added GP_Media_Library::acf_update_field() and refactored to use this method where possible.
  • Fixed potential PHP notice when GF Media Library is used on a form that’s also using Live Merge Tags from GF Populate Anything.

GP Nested Forms (v 1.0-beta-8.63)

  • Added support for duplicating child entries in a Nested Form field. Currently requires manually adding the action link template.
  • Added header text for actions column to improve accessibility (thanks OIT Design & Web Services NCSU).
  • Added gpnf_session_initialized action to support doing something after the Nested Forms session has been initialized.
  • Added a more verbose notice when nested form and fields are not set.

GP Populate Anything (1.0-beta-4.87)

  • Added support for using Field Value Objects from Multi Selects in text fields.
  • Added support for filtering Gravity Forms entries by registered entry meta.
  • Added new filters gppa_ajax_merge_tag_value and gppa_get_batch_field_html_response.
  • Fixed a race condition when LMTs are used alongside GPPA in a nested form.
  • Fixed an issue where users lookup by role was not specific enough.
  • Fixed issue where Live Merge Tags would not work on the GravityView edit screen in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where filtered entries would fail to display if selector is a single character.
  • Fixed an issue where empty dropdowns would not display the default message set by gppa_missing_filter_text on page load.
  • Fixed issue where the {count} merge tag would return 1 instead of 0 if no results were found.
  • Fixed issue where Live Merge Tags would not work in textareas in some situations such as multi-page forms or Nested Forms.
  • Fixed issue where Live Merge Tags would not be properly coupled when editing nested entries with GF Nested Forms.
  • Fixed potential PHP notice.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with JetSloth’s Image Choices plugin.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with ACF and checkboxes.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering GF entries by today’s date may fail.

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