Gravity Wiz Weekly Update #27

Hello, wizards!

As many of you know, Gravity Wiz is unquestionably the #1 Gravity Forms resource in the universe. We have over 135 free published resources, ranging from simple snippets to full blown plugins. Our flagship product, Gravity Perks, puts another 27 premium, well-supported Gravity Forms plugins at your disposal.

That’s a lot of Gravity Forms content! And you know what the crazy thing is? We have a ton of content waiting in the wings; TEN (10) early-access plugins for Gravity Perks that are desperate to be installed on your WordPress websites – and – 300+ Gravity Forms snippets impatiently waiting to be tidied up, documented, and published on the site.

How are we going to get all this content delivered to you? We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve brought on a new partner at Gravity Wiz. Wizards, meet Clay. Clay, meet our wizards!

Clay is a WordPress veteran and the developer behind Local by Flywheel. He’ll be continuing his work with Flywheel in addition to joining the Gravity Wiz team. Clay is a powerhouse, fullstack developer. Get ready for better, more frequent updates for Gravity Perks!

Welcome aboard, Clay!

For the rest of our regularly schedule updates. Read on. :)


No community highlights this week. If you’d like us to take a look at your product and give it a shout-out, drop me a link at david at gravitywiz dot com.

Gravity Perks

Gravity Forms Conditional Pricing (v1.2.35)

  • Fixed JS error where product was deleted from form but not removed from conditional pricing rules.

Gravity Forms Copy Cat (v1.4.22)

  • Added “gpcc_field_group” filter to allow including non-GF inputs in the Copy Cat field group.

Gravity Forms Limit Choices (v1.6.18)

  • Fixed issue limiting choices in multiselect fields with newer versions of Gravity Forms; field value now saved as JSON string.

Gravity Forms Reload Form (v1.1.14)

  • Added support for multiple {reload_form} merge tags in the confirmation.
  • Added support for Cyrillic characters in the {reload_form} merge tag.

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