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gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 128

Populate Anything joins forces with Address Autocomplete, duplicate feeds in Easy Passthrough, and the perks in selling pastries!

Time Sensitive Choices with Gravity Forms

Automatically filter times in a choice-based field based on the current time.

Using Gravity Forms as a Simple Database

A simple method for storing and organizing data that can be dynamically populated into your forms.

Gravity Forms Round Robin

Distribute leads evenly to a group of sales reps, schedule employees for the next available shift, or balance the responsibility of any task-oriented submission (e.g. support requests, job applications, contest entries).

Add Weekend/Weekday-based Conditional Logic with Gravity Forms

Use Gravity Forms conditional logic to determine if the entered date is a weekday or weekend. This can be used to show or hide fields, conditionally send notifications, or conditionally trigger a Gravity Forms add-on feed.