Wizarding Workshop VIII: The Q&A Session

Join us Thursday, October 12th at 1pm EST for a 30-minute session dedicated to your most delicious Gravity Forms and Gravity Perks questions.

*This workshop has ended.*

We’re Gravity Forms experts. Ask us anything.

You have questions. Burning Gravity Forms and Gravity Perks questions. Thursday, October 12th, we have answers. What can you expect? Laidback atmosphere. Casual attire. Ultra informative. No question is off the table! Well, probably some. We only have 30 minutes!

We will be taking questions live, but we’ll be prioritizing questions submitted via the form below. Don’t miss out!

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We’ll answer as many questions as we can live during the workshop!

Note: We ask that you limit yourself to one question. We’ll try our best to answer all questions, but questions will be answered based on time and host discretion. ❤️

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What do I need to know?

  • We’re testing a new platform! This session will be hosted on Streamyard. No login is required.
  • This session will be chat only for participants — no mic or video needed.
  • If you have a question, please use the above form for consideration.
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Going to miss it?

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