Gravity Perks Weekly Updates #15

We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. We’ve made a few updates to Gravity Perks core and pushed out updates and bug fixes for five of our perks. A couple highlights:

  1. Gravity Forms Read Only now supports setting List fields as read-only.
  2. Gravity Forms Multi-page Navigation has officially exited beta. It’s already in use on over 1000 websites and we’re excited to see on 1000 more!

Auto-attach Uploaded Files to GF-generated Post — This snippet will auto-attach Uploaded Files to GF-generated Post when using Gravity Forms Media Library. View Snippet

Populate ACF Image Fields in User Profile — This snippet will populate ACF image fields in a user profile in combination with Gravity Forms Media Library. View Snippet

Modify Order Labels — This handy snippet will allow you to modify the order labels when using Gravity Forms eCommerce Fields. View Snippet

Here’s a full list of updates we made to Gravity Perks this week:

Gravity Perks (v1.2.19)

  • Replaced Markdown library to resolve on-going conflicts with newer versions of PHP (7+).
  • Fixed issue where Gravity Perks updates were not displaying correctly do to an encoding issue in the API request.
  • Added ‘gp-child-settings’ helper style for use in Form Editor.

Gravity Forms Expand Textareas (v1.0.4)

  • Fixed conflict with Magic Tooltips plugin.

Gravity Forms Read Only (v1.3)

  • Added support for List fields.

Gravity Forms eCommerce Fields (v1.0.beta1.7)

  • Fixed issue where non-US money formats were not correctly rendered on the frontend fields.
  • Added gpecf_order_labels filter for readily modifying labels used in order summary.

Gravity Forms Multi-page Navigation (v1.0)

  • Fixed notice generated in PHP 7.1+ when non-numeric value was encountered.

Gravity Forms Preview Submission (v1.2.7)

  • Fixed issue where merge tags in choice values were not correctly replaced.


  1. Lana
    Lana May 2, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    Hi, I can’t find where to ask as pre-sales question can you direct me to the right place?

    My question is re Gravity Forms Preview Submission – can you make the preview hide the ‘hidden’ fields? Or will it only show all fields? (I have 100 questions in a form and want to hide one single hidden field)



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