Gravity Perks Weekly Updates #24

I’m back from my Alaskan adventure and excited to get back to work. This was primarily a maintenance week. We did add one really cool feature for GF Better User Activation which allows you to select different activation pages for each language when using WPML. Read on for full deets.

Gravity Forms Copy Cat // Copy Label (instead of Value) – This snippet allows you to copy the label of a field to another field with Gravity Forms Copy Cat. View Snippet

Here’s a full list of updates we made to Gravity Perks this week:

Gravity Perks (v1.2.25)

  • Replaced Markdown library to resolve several PHP errors.
  • Fixed fatal error when Gravity Forms was deactivated before Gravity Perks.

Gravity Forms Better User Activation (v1.1)

  • Added support for specifying a unique activation and redirect page for each language when using WPML.
  • Fixed issue where fatal error was generated if template view was not found.

Gravity Forms eCommerce Fields (v1.0.6)

  • Fixed issue where including multiple GPEC merge tags in a formula would result in 0; this was caused only the first instance of the GPEC merge tag being replaced.
  • Fixed issue where conditional logic dependent on a Calculation-enabled field that contained an ecommerce merge tag did not evaluate correctly.

Gravity Forms Email Users (v1.3.5)

  • Fixed issue where emails would not be send if “From” was not specified.

Gravity Forms Reload Form (v1.1.13)

  • Updated confirmation element to avoid nesting inside the confirmation wrapper.

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