Gravity Wiz Weekly #29

Oops! We missed a week. That makes this week’s just that much juicier. :)


My Top 5 Gravity Perks ‘perks’ to Improve My Gravity Forms
We’re really excited to share this article by one of our Gravity Perks users and founder of The Blogger’s Webmaster, Jeff B. He gives a thorough walk-through of his favorite perks and how he uses them.

Gravity Forms Entries in Excel
I don’t think I can explain this any better than the author: “Get realtime entries from your forms using a unique and secure url. No need to login, or create a user account for that one person who needs the results. Just copy the url, and give it to the guy who needs it. It’s that simple.”


Gravity Wiz // Gravity Forms Coupons // Allow Zero Amount Coupons
This is going to be a crucial snippet for an upcoming article on creating product-specific discount codes with GP eCommerce Fields. Stay tuned!

Gravity Wiz // Gravity Forms // Map GF Checkbox Field to ACF Checkbox Field
A reusable snippet for mapping Gravity Forms Checkbox fields to your Advanced Custom Fields checkbox fields.

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Gravity Perks

Gravity Forms Media Library (v1.10.10)

  • Fixed issue where all GPML-enabled image field merge tags were being treated as post images.

Gravity Forms Read Only (v1.3.2)

  • Fixed issue with choice-based Gravity Flow fields.

Gravity Forms Unique ID (v1.3.10)

  • Updated core minimum length for numeric unique IDs to 6 (down from 9).
  • Added ‘gpui_numeric_minimum_length’ filter for setting the minimum length for numeric unique IDs.

Gravity Forms Date Time Calculator (v1.0.beta2.3) Early Access

  • Added support for {now} helper merge tag; generates a timestamp for the current time.

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