Gravity Wiz Weekly #31

Hello, wizards. It’s been a few weeks. Here’s a quick update to get us back into the swing of things.

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Gravity Perks

Gravity Forms Pay Per Word (v1.1.2)

  • Fixed issue when TinyMCE was not enqueued.
  • Fixed issue where prices were not formatted correctly in the field settings.
  • Updated perk to use GP_Bootstrap
  • Added support for Gravity Form 2.0 Rich Text Editors

Gravity Forms Email Users (v1.3.6)

  • Updated fetching entries to use GFAPI::get_entries() instead of GFFormsModel::get_leads().
  • Added ‘gpeu_forms’ filter to allow filtering which forms are available to email users.

Gravity Forms eCommerce Fields (v1.0.11)

  • Fixed a JS issue where fields hidden via conditional logic would always trigger a change event creating an infinite loop.
  • Fixed issue where change event was triggered for fields when values were the same but of different types (e.g. “40” != 40).
  • Fixed issue where in some browsers, when previously entered values were saved, refreshing the page would result in a mismatch between the displayed value and the input value.
  • Updated field-specific merge tags to automatically display as currency (100 => $100.00).

Gravity Forms Conditional Pricing (v1.2.36)

  • Fixed issue where a required flag on Single Product fields was not respected.

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