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Hello, wizards!

Is it blowing anyone else’s mind that we’re already halfway through March? Only a month left for us Americans to do our taxes! Sorry. I promised I wouldn’t bring that up again…

We’ve put March to good use. Lot’s of bug fixes and a few new features. See the full list below.

Now Hiring!

In other news, we’re looking to hire a passionate individual to assist with providing our lovely customers (that’s you!) with the magical support they’ve come to expect from Gravity Wiz. If you’re interested, drop me a line. I’d love to discuss this sorcerously awesome opportunity. ;)

Until next week!

Gravity Wiz Weekly Newsletter

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Gravity Perks

Gravity Perks (v2.0.3)

  • Added support for enforcing minimum requirements for GP_Plugin/GP_Feed_Plugin-based perks.

Gravity Forms Better User Activation (v1.1.3)

  • Fixed issue with EDD where some AJAX requests were generating fatal errors.

Gravity Forms Nested Forms (v1.0-beta-4.20)

  • Fixed issue where Nested Form fields were not correctly populated via User Registration Update feeds.
  • Fixed issue with :sum calc modifier where one or more child entries did not contain a value for the target field ID.
  • Added support for GF Zapier.
  • Updated to use minimum_requirements() method for declaring minimum requirements.
  • Added ‘gpnf_entry_url’ filter to allow filtering the entry URL when linking to child entries.
  • Fixed issue with :sum calculation modifier when target field ID was not present in child entry.

Gravity Forms Limit Submissions (v1.0-beta-1.1)

  • Updated to use minimum_requirements() method for declaring minimum requirements.
  • Fixed issue where some time period values could generate notices if not converted to int.

Gravity Forms Live Preview (v1.2.10)

  • Fixed issue where required asterisks did not appear for Nested Forms when Unrequire was enabled.

Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types (v3.1.13)

  • Added ‘gfcpt_hierarchical_display’ filter to allow filtering whether to display choices hierarchically.
  • Fixed issue with GF 2.3 where taxonomies were not correctly saved on submission.

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