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Hello, wizards!

Gravity Forms 2.3 is here! If you need a refresher on the new features, check out our coverage here. GF 2.3 does have some major database changes. If you’re worried, don’t be. Here’s what I told another concerned GF user:

I wouldn’t be worried but I would still make a backup. We’ve spent months trying to make this upgrade process as bullet proof as possible but anytime you’re making a DB change in the wild wild WP west, you can be sure there is going to be some outlaw configuration that may escape upgrade justice. ?

Also, just a reminder from last week’s update:

Gravity Perks and all perks have been updated to work with GF 2.3; however, if you’re using any of our hundreds of snippets, we encourage you to update to GF 2.3 and let us know if you experience any issues.

So what’s been happening at Gravity Wiz this week? Lots of updates for Nested Forms. It’s one of our most popular perks and is getting quite a bit of our love. Full change log and don’t miss the handy Nested Forms snippet below!

Until next week…


Gravity Perks // GP Nested Forms // Change Submit Button Text when Editing
Automatically change the submit button when editing a child entry via GF Nested Forms to “Edit Entry”.

Gravity Perks

Gravity Perks (v2.0.6)

  • Fixed fatal error that occurred when attempting to log when Gravity Forms was not loaded.

Gravity Forms Multi-page Navigation (v1.0.3)

  • Fixed issue where next and previous buttons hidden via conditional logic prevented navigation from submitting form.

Gravity Forms Nested Forms (v1.0-beta-5.5)

  • Fixed additional issues related to missing modal close button caused by other themes/plugins.
  • Added ‘gpnf_jquery_ui_dependencies’ filter to allow 3rd parties to add their own dependencies for jQuery UI.
  • Fixed issue introduced by modal close button fix in 1.0-beta-5.2.
  • Added support for label placement setting on Nested Form field.
  • Fixed issue where modal close button is missing when Bootstrap is loaded after jQuery UI.
  • Added support for displaying additional entry actions in the Nested Form Detail view.
  • Updated notification processing to only surpress notifications of the “form_submission” event.
  • Fixed major issue where unorphaned child entries were deleted during orphaned entry cleanup

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