Gravity Wiz Weekly #66

gravity wiz weekly

Greetings, wizards!

We’re interviewing some amazing candidates for the support engineer position. We’ve spent a lot of time finding the right fit. It’s important to us that our new support wizard is as committed to providing magical support experiences as we have been since day one.

We’re serious about support. Sorcerously serious. ?

Speaking of sorcery, look how much we got done this week!? Full updates below.

Until next week!

Gravity Perks

Gravity Forms Conditional Logic Dates (v1.0.7)

  • Fixed issue where dates were not replaced with timestamps on payment callbacks.

Gravity Forms Email Users (v1.3.9)

  • Updated BCC field from dropdown to email input.
  • Removed missing icon reference.

Gravity Forms Limit Submissions (v1.0-beta-1.11)

  • Added support for filtering partial entries when applying limits.

Gravity Forms Nested forms (v1.0-beta-7)

  • Added “gpnf_session_script_data” filter to allow modifying the data used to initialize the session script.
  • Added support for automatically populating fields from session cookie when refreshing the form markup.
  • Added logging around daily cron that cleans up orphaned entries.
  • Added basic responsive fix to prevent Nested Entries table from spilling outside container on mobile.
  • Added support for gpnf_bypass_entry_permissions filter to allow advanced users to determine if entry permissions should be bypassed when populating entries into a Nested Form field.
  • Updated child form feeds to be processed after parent form feeds when configured to be processed when the parent form is submitted.
  • Updated Nested Entries Detail template to no longer output “View Entry” or “View Expanded List” when in print view.
  • Updated parent entry processing to run child form through gform_pre_process filter to improve compatibility with 3rd party add-ons.
  • Updated “gpnf_append_nested_forms_to_footer” to default to true if “gform_init_scripts_footer” is set to true.
  • Updated priority of GP_Nested_Forms::output_nested_forms_markup() to 21 to ensure it is output after jQuery.
  • Updated session cookie with COOKIEPATH, COOKIE_DOMAIN, and secure flag.
  • Updated cookies to use COOKIE_DOMAIN constant for consistency with WordPress.
  • Updated gpnf_template_args docblock with addition of the “actions” property and removal of the “related_entries_link” property.
  • Fixed issue where parent merge tag replacement broke routing in notifications.
  • Fixed issue where close button does not appear when Bootstrap is loaded after jQuery UI.
  • Fixed notice when form mapped in Nested Form field no longer exists.
  • Fixed issue where child entries were not editable and failed to persist when navigating between pages after being populated via Save & Continue.
  • Fixed use of deprecated GFFormsModel::get_incomplete_submission_values() method.
  • Fixed issue where Print Entry view displayed “&nbsp”.
  • Fixed issue where perk name was not output on Logging page.
  • Fixed issue where {Parent} merge tag was case sensitive.
  • Fixed issue where modal header color setting was not saved correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Nested Form fields on different forms loaded on the same page did not initialize correctly.
  • Fixed JS error when attempting to repopulate entries between AJAX-enabled page submissions.
  • Fixed issue where field ID was not respected when fetching submitted nested entries.
  • Fixed issue where :sum merge tag was not working correctly on AJAX-enabled forms with multiple Nested Form fields.
  • Fixed notice generated by attempting to access $form as an object.
  • Fixed security issue where arbitrary entry data could be viewed in a Nested Form field.
  • Fixed up {Parent} merge tag to work with paginated child forms
  • Fixed issue where saving Nested Form field without fields in the Form Editor would cause a PHP notice/error
  • Fixed issue where multiple “other” choices were added when including multiple instances of the same child form.
  • Fixed issue where the Multi-file Upload field’s delete icon returned a 404 when displayed in a nested form.
  • Fixed issue where adding an image to a Multi-field Upload field on a nested form did not correctly save the image when editing a child entry.
  • Fixed issue where {Parent} did not reevaluate conditional logic when value changed.
  • Fixed issue where AJAX-enabled forms still broke Nested-Forms-based calculations.
  • Fixed issues with calculations and saving entries when AJAX was enabled on parent form.
  • Fixed issue where parent merge tag replacement broke routing in notifications.

Gravity Forms Populate Anything (v1.0-beta-2.37)

  • Added Object ID property to Taxonomy Object Type
  • Added gppa_strings filter.
  • Added support for correctly populating when default dynamic population is used.
  • Updated GP_Populate_Anything::modify_field_values() to pass posted values when checking for input value.
  • Updated to use array_replace.
  • Updated Live Merge Tags to use values from the field’s get_value_save_entry() method.
  • Fixed issue where field-filtered fields were not correctly populated when editing an entry.
  • Fixed fatal error on PHP 7.2+ where incorrect parameter count was specified.
  • Fixed issue where Date field with dropdowns would not have its values properly populated.
  • Fixed issue when populating choices based on field on previous page.
  • Fixed issue when populating choices based on field on previous page.
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior on page load and input change with Live Merge Tags.
  • Fixed >=, <=, <, and > filter operators with GF Entry Object Type
  • Fixed issue where certain properties such as Post Date were not filtering with the correct value.
  • Fixed issue where Hidden fields would not have their value properly populated.
  • Deprecated gppa_live_merge_tag_loading_text filter.

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