Gravity Wiz Weekly #67

Plugin Acquisition, Linked Datepickers, All Fields Template.

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Greetings, wizards. ?

Exciting news! We’ve acquired ForGravity’s Live Population plugin. We will be retiring the product in favor of our powerful Populate Anything plugin. A few of Live Population’s features will be merged into Populate Anything as part of this process. For more details, read our acquisition announcement.


All Fields Template
All Fields Template just received a minor update. If you’re looking for an easy way to modify the output/markup of your {all_fields} merge tag, this plugin is gold.

Limit Dates | Show Datepicker B after selection in Datepicker A
When specifying a date range across two Date fields, it can be a pleasant user experience to automatically open the end date datepicker after a date has been selected for the start date. Limit Dates allows you to link Date fields and with this snippet you can have the second datepicker appear after a selection in the first.

Populate Anything | Set Post Taxonomy Terms
Populate a field with taxonomy terms via Populate Anything and then use this snippet to automatically assign those terms to the Gravity-Forms-generated post.

Gravity Perks

Gravity Forms Limit Dates (v1.0.19)

  • Added JS filter: gpld_after_set_min_date; supports functionality such as populating the new minimum date into the field and opening the datepicker in Field B after a date has been selected in Field A.

Gravity Forms Nested Forms (v1.0-beta-7.4)

  • Added support for handling change in Gravity Forms 2.4.7 which adds support for wrapping GF’s inline scripts in DOMContentLoaded listener.
  • Added a simplified Nested Entries Detail template; will be automatically used when a Nested Form field is displayed in a WooCommerce cart or on Gravity Forms’ Print Entry view.
  • Updated minimum Gravity Forms version to 2.4.
  • Updated child form feeds to be processed after parent form feeds when configured to be processed when the parent form is submitted.
  • Updated logging for cron events to be more helpful.
  • Updated check for WooCommerce to be more comprehensive.
  • Updated Nested Forms markup to always be output in the footer; resolves an on-going issue with the WC GF Product Add-ons plugin.
  • Fixed JS error generated when Beaver Builder triggers document ready event without having reloaded the UI.
  • Fixed issue where modal was not visible when other elements on page had a higher z-index.
  • Fixed issue where datepicker inside modal was displayed behind modal due to z-index conflict.
  • Fixed issue where parent merge tag replacement broke routing in notifications.

Gravity Forms Populate Anything (v1.0-beta-2.43)

  • Fixed regression introduced in 1.0-beta-2.40 where getFormId() no longer returned a form ID for non-WooCommerce-loaded forms.
  • Fixed issue where Enhanced-UI-enabled fields were not reinitialized after being replaced.
  • Fixed issue where id was not set on on


form> when rendering form via WC GF Product Add-ons plugin. – Fixed issue with populating values dynamically. – Fixed regression with dynamic value population.

Gravity Forms Read Only (v1.3.8)

  • Fixed conflict with Nested Forms where fatal error was generated when fetching field that did not exist on the parent form.

Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types (v3.1.15)

  • Updated how scripts are enqueued.
  • Fixed issue when exporting taxonomy-and-post-type-populated Checkbox fields.
  • Tested with 5.5.1.

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