Gravity Wiz Weekly #80

Four betas, fresh content, and a bushel of updates.

gravity wiz weekly

Greetings, wizards. 🙂

March of the One Point Ohs

With the release of Date Time Calculator, we have four perks currently in their final betas waiting for their shiny 1.0 releases. The feedback you all have been sharing with us excellent. We’ll be working hard through the New Year implementing your feedback and putting on a final coat of paint and polish.

Gravity Forms Conditional Logic

Most of you are already familiar with Gravity Forms’ powerful conditional logic but take a gander at our new Gravity Forms Conditional Logic article. I’d bet there are a few tricks even you GF veterans will appreciate.

Exporting with Nested Forms

Scott cooked up an amazing and thorough feature highlight of how exporting with Nested Forms works. Flexible, powerful, but most importantly, useful.

Regularly Scheduled Updates

We don’t neglect our free resources. See what’s new in the Resources section below. And below that, you’ll find a bushel of tasty bug fixes and a few minor enhancements to our Gravity Perks suite.

Until next week. ⚡️


Gravity Forms | Rounding by Increments
Round up, down, by increments, or to a specific minimum or maximum. This snippet has been updated to run as a plugin and now works with floats.

Gravity Forms Custom Javascript
Add custom JavaScript to your forms that fires alongside your form. We fixed an issue where some characters were escaped preventing some scripts from executing.

Gravity Forms | Require Unique Values Between Fields
Make sure the user enters a unique value in each of your designated fields. Now supports requiring each value in a multi-input field to be unique rather than the collective value.

Gravity Perks

Conditional Logic Dates (v1.0.13)

  • Fixed JS error generated by time-based conditional logic when Time field was empty.

Conditional Pricing (v1.2.38)

  • Fixed performance issues with large number of pricing conditions.

Date Time Calculator (v1.0-beta-3.7)

  • Fixed issue where daylight savings time was handled inconsistently and would cause entries to not be submitted.
  • Added support for using the timezone setting from WordPress for time calculations—specifically those including the {now} merge tag.
  • Fixed regression with {now} and {today} merge tags.
  • Fixed fatal error that occurred when Gravity Perks was active but Gravity Forms was not.

eCommerce Fields (v1.0.30)

  • Updated to use GP_Plugin class.
  • Fixed fatal error that could occur when Gravity Perks was active but Gravity Forms was not.
  • Fixed issue with versions of GF prior to 2.4.15 (which is unreleased at the time of this commit).
  • Fixed issue where Calculated Number fields containing only GPECF merge tags (e.g. {subtotal}) were not recalculated when Calculated Product fields’ prices changed.

Nested Forms (v1.0-beta-8.16)

  • Updated GP_Nested_Forms::get_fields_by_ids() method to return the fields in order of the field IDs passed.
  • Fixed issue where max entry limit message was not translatable.

Populate Anything (v1.0-beta-3.40)

  • Added new ‘gppa_merge_tag_values_replaced’ jQuery event that’s triggered after Live Merge Tags are replaced.
  • Fixed issue where filtering by certain properties including the Role property with the User Object Type wouldn’t work as expected on multisite.
  • Fixed regression with Field Value Objects in the Form Editor.
  • Fixed regression with editing GPPA-powered fields in the admin entry view.

Post Content Merge Tags (v1.1.10)

  • Added support for logging.

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