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gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 206

Explore Conditional Logic Dates’ Floating Holidays and the story of how it came to be! Plus, conditional content with Live Merge Tags, and more.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #144

New, sorcerous spellcraft within. Get early access to a new perk for Page Transitions, plus Limit Checkboxes receives a Libertarian tweak.

6 Tips to Perfect Your Gravity Forms Datepicker

Supercharge the Gravity Forms Datepicker with linked fields, improved mobile experience, and more!

Conditionally Display a Field Based on a Recurring Date

Automatic Conditional Logic with wildcard dates.

Gravity Forms examples

6 Examples of the Best Gravity Forms Add-Ons and Extensions

Use Gravity Perks to create all sorts of neat Gravity Forms examples on your WordPress website in just a few simple steps.

Gravity Forms eCommerce Tutorial | The Comprehensive Guide

A comprehensive guide to Gravity Forms eCommerce and the addons, snippets and tutorials you need to amplify your eCommerce store using Gravity Forms.

Gravity Perks Weekly Updates

We had a very busy week! Gravity Forms recently added a new “Hidden” option to the Visibility setting. GP Live Preview now supports the ability …

How to Setup Time-based Conditional Logic for Gravity Forms the Easy Way

A point-and-click solution for creating conditional logic rules based on the current time. Works anywhere Gravity Forms conditional logic is supported (i.e. fields, confirmations, notifications, etc).

Add Weekend/Weekday-based Conditional Logic with Gravity Forms

Use Gravity Forms conditional logic to determine if the entered date is a weekday or weekend. This can be used to show or hide fields, conditionally send notifications, or conditionally trigger a Gravity Forms add-on feed.

How to Setup Early Bird Pricing with Gravity Forms

Discount your Gravity Form products if your form is completed before a certain date or specific amount of time before today’s date.

How to Setup Rush Pricing with Gravity Forms

Charge a little extra if the user selects a delivery date that is within a certain time frame of the current date or a specific date in the future.